Eiza González Urges Americans To ‘Vote With Kindness’ To See ‘Leadership With Dignity’ Restored

Latina actress Eiza González is encouraging all Americans to 'vote with kindness' this election. She spoke to HL about why it's important for her, as an immigrant, to use her platform to educate on voting.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

Election Day is fast approaching and Latina actress Eiza González has been encouraging her followers to vote in various Instagram posts. While Eiza herself is unable to vote due to her immigrant status, she spoke to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview about why it’s vital for all Americans, and specifically Latinx Americans to cast their votes “with kindness” this election season.

“It’s humongous because people don’t realize that the future of DACA falls onto this presidency. So for me, that is my number one driving motif, because being a Latina and being a full blown immigrant, not even an American citizen just yet, and dealing directly with the Latino community, I see how the dreamers are being affected,” the Mexico City native explained. “The future of the DACA program relies on this next presidency, and what is currently happening is completely unfair and unprecedented and people aren’t talking about it.”


Eiza, who revealed she would be able to vote in the next election as she has applied for American citizenship, added that “it’s so important to remind people why leading with dignity and respect is important when it comes to ruling a country.” “Future generations are watching us, and we want to see true leadership happening in this country.”

The Baby Driver actress also explained that as a Latina, she’d like a president that “will always be conscious of the silent minority.” “I encourage people to educate themselves, inform themselves and we have to think of this vote as an act of kindness,” Eiza urged. “This is an act of a vote of service. We can’t be selfish and think about ourselves. We have to think in this moment of chaos that we’re living in about the people less privileged and how much they’re struggling — usually that’s the minorities — and we have vote from a place of compassion.”

Courtesy of Tequila Don Julio

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