Why Romeo Miller Was Convinced Zonnique Was Pranking T.I. With Her Pregnancy Reveal On ‘The Mix’

Romeo Miller revealed why he initially didn't believe that his co-host on 'The Mix,' Zonnique Pullins, was actually pregnant when she broke the baby news to T.I. -- right on their show!

Even Romeo Miller, who hosts The Mix Zonnique Pullins‘ new FOX Soul talk show on which she made her surprise baby announcement — didn’t believe his co-host was pregnant at first!  T.I., 40, was certainly in shock after his 24-year-old stepdaughter dropped the baby news during the show’s premiere in August. Zonnique arranged for the show to present a photo of her sonogram, and have Tip guess who it belonged to. When the answer turned out to be his own stepdaughter, the “Live Your Life” singer kept repeating, “Y’all are playing.”

Romeo Miller
Romeo Miller is a co-host with Zonnique on The Mix. (Photo Credit: MEGA)

Romeo’s reaction wasn’t that much different from T.I.’s. “Do you think that I knew I was in on Zo [Zonnique] surprising T.I. about a pregnancy?! None of us knew and that’s the thing about this generation,” Romeo EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. He added, “We started a talk show and during COVID and during the break, we were never hanging out with each other in the flesh. We were literally Zoom, rehearsals and working over Zoom, so we had no idea she was pregnant at all! It was literally a bomb!”

Romeo further explained how Zonnique masterminded the surprise, which her mom and T.I.’s wife, Tiny Harris, helped plan (the Xscape singer is an executive producer and showrunner on The Mix). “Her and Tiny thought [the baby news] would be funny to drop on our opening episode and it felt like one of those prank shows. I was really confused and they had me be the guy to say it,” Romeo revealed. After T.I. failed to correctly guess who on the show was expecting a child, Romeo was the one who finally announced, “I’m going to congratulate you on being the grandfather!”

Looking back at that moment, Romeo told HollywoodLife, “I thought I was just saying it. Even when I saw it in the script, they’re like, ‘OK, we want to add this line, Romeo.’ I’m like, ‘OK — ‘y’all just trying to make T.I. upset or something because Zo’s not pregnant. She didn’t talk to us about it. We’ve been rehearsing for weeks now. We don’t know anything about a pregnancy’.” T.I. didn’t expect the news at all — as you can see in the video above — and so Romeo added, “They did a great job of surprising Tip on there. That was a priceless reaction.”

Zonnique Pullins showed off her baby bump in this gorgeous photo shared on Sept. 27, 2020. (Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@zonniquejailee)

In a previous interview, Zonnique shared how her stepdad felt about the pregnancy after the cameras cut rolling. “For him, he has to settle into things, especially for big things when it comes to his kids and his daughters especially,” Tiny’s daughter EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in August, but she assured that T.I. “definitely [had] settled down” into the news after filming the surprise. Since the big reveal, Zonnique has been happily sharing glowing baby bump photos as she awaits the arrival of her first child with boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. She also showed off her growing bun in the oven at T.I.’s 40th birthday party at the end of September!

In addition to her baby, Zonnique has been excited about her new show that is being branded as a mixed-gender talk show for millennials and Gen Z that is co-hosted by Zonnique, Romeo, Anton Peeples, Jamie DuBose, Jazz Anderson and Jill King. The Mix is relaunching on Oct. 6, and covers a range of topics from Black Lives matter to viral trends. Upcoming guests on the show will include Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Yachty, Kandi Burruss and Sukihana!

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