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Pregnant Zonnique Pullins, 24, Reveals Why She’s Not Ready To Marry Her BF: ‘It’s A Bigger Commitment’

Pregnant Zonnique Pullins is ready to become a mother, but not a wife. She says that getting married 'just seems like so much.' She's perfectly happy with Bandhunta Izzy being her boyfriend and father of her daughter.

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Zonnique Pullins
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Pregnant singer Zonnique Pullins wants to have her baby and be a mom before walking down the aisle with loving boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. HollywoodLife.com spoke to the 24-year-old and she EXCLUSIVELY told us her thoughts on marriage as she awaits the birth of her baby girl. “I feel like at my age, I don’t really want to get married right now. I feel like that’s an even bigger commitment. I hate to say that’s even a bigger commitment than a baby, but getting married just seems like so much. So right now, that’s not really what I want to do,” Zonnique explains to us.

Bandhunta — real name Israel James — is ready to tie the knot though. “My boyfriend is way more into the whole getting married topic but I told him, ‘I just don’t know about that yet!'” Zonnique confesses. Her mom Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 45, is telling her that she should definitely take him up on his offer.  “My mom is always like,'”Girl, if your man is talking about marriage you need to be like, yeah!’ And I just don’t feel that way. Maybe down the line I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, OK, I want to get married,’ she reveals.

Zonnique Pullins

Singer Zonnique attends the 2017 BET Awards at L.A.’s Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2017. Photo credit: AP.

While Tiny is supportive of her daughter getting married, she told an Instagram troll to MYOB about whether or not she weds Bandhunta before their baby arrives. When the Xscape singer revealed she’s going to be a grandma via her Instagram page on Aug. 4,  she wrote in the caption next to a photo of Zonnique and her baby bump, “I can finally say…My baby is having a baby!! I’m getting more excited by the day!! @zonniquejailee @bandhunta_izzy Congratulations to you both!! I love y’all.”

But one user trolled her in the comments, writing “‘Finally?’ Why not teach ya ‘baby’ not to be another BM (baby mama) but to be a WIFE!” Tiny clapped back, “Girl git TF off my page wit that sh*t! She gone be good if she don’t have a husband. I didn’t have one when I had her and we did damn good and we great now.” They definitely are! Zonnique can be see on foxsoul.tv ‘s The Mix on Tuesday evenings, a show that her mom Tiny executive produces. 

Tiny Harris and Zonnique Pullins

Mother and daughter movie date! Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and Zonnique Pullins arrive at Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man Los Angeles premiere on June 29, 2015. Photo credit: AP Images.

Bandhunta, 23, has already been so supportive of Zonnique, even from the time they discovered she was expecting. “My boyfriend came with me to get the pregnancy test and we did the whole thing together,” she tells us. When the results came back positive, “He was going off of my reaction and I was crying to be honest. I was really nervous,” the “Patience” singer explains.

“I was always the one who was like, ‘I’m not having any babies soon. I have hella brothers and sisters. I’m not having a baby.’ So I was very emotional and I was crying when I gave it to him. He ended up telling me later he was very excited. He just really wasn’t showing it. He was trying to go off of what I was feeling,” she continues.

Zonnique is now five months along and she’ll have plenty of help with babysitting! Her mom Tiny has three children with husband T.I.: sons King, 15, and Major, 12, as well as four-year-old daughter Heiress. Tip has three adult children from prior relationships, including daughter Deyjah Harris, 19, by ex Ms. Niko, and sons Domani Harris, 19, and Messiah Harris, 20, by Lashon Thompson. Zonnique wasn’t kidding when she said she had “hella brothers and sisters.”