Zonnique Pullins Reveals How T.I. Feels About Her Pregnancy & How Mom Tiny Is Helping With Names

Zonnique Pullins spilled the details about how she wanted to 'go out with a bang' on 'The Mix' and tell her stepdad T.I. about her pregnancy on the show and revealed how he truly processed the news.

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Zonnique Pullins, 24, is getting ready to be a mother and admitted that her stepdad, T.I., 39, thought it was a prank when she first told him! The beauty, who is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy, explained that when she found out about her pregnancy she worked with producers to tell T.I. about it on The Mix, the FOX Soul talk show she co-hosts. “Well, it was a little bit of me and the producers. I wanted to go out with a bang on the show” she said about her approach in telling him, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, which can be seen above. ”

“So I’m like, ‘Yeah, let’s tell them on the show, whatever it’s not a big deal!’ even though it was a big deal for me to just tell him regularly at first,” she continued. “But I’m like, ‘OK, we can just tell him. It’s whatever. So yeah, we all came together and we’re like, ‘OK, let’s do it.'”

Zonnique Pullins
Zonnique Pullins announced that she’s expecting her first child on Aug. 4. (MEGA)
When asked if T.I. thought it was a joke, Zonnique said, “he definitely felt like that!” She also pointed out that she “kinda” expected his reaction to be that way from what she knows about his personality. “It’s just like how he is. For him, he has to settle into things, especially for big things when it comes to his kids and his daughters especially,” she explained. “I wasn’t expecting him to be like, ‘Oh, yeah!’ Definitely not!”
Although T.I.’s reaction on-camera was one of shock, when Zonnique told him about the pregnancy during the live Aug. 4 episode of The Mix, she revealed he “settled down” when cameras weren’t rolling. “Yeah, he definitely has settled down into it already,” she said. “We shot a video yesterday and he was the director so we worked all day together yesterday so he’s’ definitely cool. We talked about it.”
Zonnique Pullins
Zonnique Pullins and her mom Tiny Harris at an event together. (MEGA)

Zonnique then went on to talk about telling her mom, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 45, the big news. “I wasn’t really so nervous to tell my mom because I talk to my mom about everything and I was really comfortable talking to my mom, but I was talking to my cousins and my friends and obviously my boyfriend the whole time, basically,” she said.

The glowing mom-to-be also revealed that Tiny has already been helping her pick out some baby names for her future bundle of joy. “My mom has definitely been coming up with some names,” she excitingly told us. “My mom loves everything about this process, but she loves giving names out. She prides herself on our names, all of her children. She’s like, ‘I’m definitely the best with names,’ so I’m definitely looking towards my mom with that.”
The Mix airs on foxsoul.tv, where new episodes drop every Tuesday evening.