Rachel Lindsay Reveals Why She Remained ‘Neutral’ Going Into ‘Ghosted’ Situations This Season

MTV's 'Ghosted' is back for another season with Rachel Lindsay & Travis Mills on the hunt! Rachel spoke to HL about the new season & her different approach.

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Rachel Lindsay
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Months in quarantine with your own thoughts can lead you to thinking about your haunted past — especially if you’ve ever been ghosted. Luckily, MTV is back with a second season of their series Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, with hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills connected those who want answers with the people who left them feeling ghosted. However, different from last season, Rachel told HollywoodLife that she went into every situation with an open-mind, and not on the side of the “haunted,” as she was last season.

“We don’t know the stories. We don’t know the people. We don’t know why they ghosted, so all of our reactions are very, very real,” the former Bachelorette told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE podcast interview. “Normally our allegiance was to the haunted because they’re the ones who reach out to us, We get to know them. We’re investigating with them. There’s an allegiance there. But this season, we’re just going to go with the story and you’ll see us be very direct calling people out.”

Rachel Lindsay is the host of season 2 of ‘Ghosted.’ (AP)

Rachel added that last season she and Travis felt betrayed and lied to by many of the haunted about what actually happened to result in the ghosting. She teased that this season there is a “switch” and the hosts “completely turn on the other person because they had lied to us and presented themselves to us a completely different way.”

This season of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing was filmed completely virtually, via Zoom, as production was shut down early in March. “We were afraid that engaging with the haunted might have been lost in doing the show virtually, but it isn’t,” Rachel explained. “Travis and I have great chemistry. We’re passionate about what we do and so we’re able to connect to get down to the nitty gritty to investigate the stories and to hopefully give the haunted answers, even if it’s not what they wanted.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Rachel Lindsay here! Tune in to Ghosted: Love Gone Missing on MTV, Wednesdays at 9 PM ET, starting tonight, September 2nd!