‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Hazel-E Fears De’Von Cheated On Her After Dr. Ish Grants Hall Passes

Lie detector tests sparked chaos and threatened to tear the couples apart during the Aug. 27 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp.'

Marriage Boot Camp
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While most Marriage Boot Camp stars often worry about lie detector day, it was the late-night festivities afterwards that gave Hazel-E more anxiety. She actually didn’t have to participate in the lie detector exercise because of her recent miscarriage, but her boyfriend, De’Von did. And so did everyone else in the house. But before they would get their results, Dr. Ish gave everyone “hall passes”.

And what meant was everyone could have a night out on the town, away from their significant others. So the men went to one club together, and the ladies went to another. Obviously, it was a test to see who would stay faithful to their partners — and let’s just say some did better than others.

One mystery man tried flirting with Hazel-E, but when he found out that she had a boyfriend, he backed off. Other than that, the ladies had a pretty chill evening without any drama. The fellas, on the other hand, had a more interesting evening together. For example, Willie had fun flirting with a few mystery women.

He didn’t touch them or kiss anyone, but De’Von and Medina felt that Willie was acting a bit inappropriately, and they didn’t want to be partying with other ladies. They knew their girlfriends and wives would get upset, so they moved away from the VIP table they were given. And eventually, De’Von stepped in and asked the ladies to scatter.

Clearly, De’Von had Hazel-E’s best interest in mind, and it was sweet to see him respect her in that way. However, when he came home completely drunk (he threw up twice before getting in bed), she worried he had cheated on her because she thought she saw blood on his pants.

She asked him where the blood came from, and he couldn’t answer, so she assumed it was from a woman who was having her period while grinding on him. (Yes, really). The episode ended with her slamming their bedroom door shut. And Judge Lynn Toler told everyone that they’d get their lie detector test results the following day, which will be next week’s episode.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 9pm on WE tv.

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