‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Hazel-E Worries De’Von Is Only Dating Her For ‘Clout’

This week, the stars of 'Marriage Boot Camp' revealed their shocking childhood traumas. Plus, Tahiry struggled with Vado's return to the house.

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Following this week’s exercise on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, during which the cast had to relive their childhood traumas and Vado apologized to Tahiry for putting his hands on her, Hazel-E and De’Von got into a heated argument. Hazel-E suspected that De’Von may only be with her because he wants a “sugar momma”.

“If I don’t give you what you want, [are] you going to bra out?” she asked, and he laughed. But because he also didn’t deny it, she became furious and started questioning his motives. “Is that the truth?” she asked, but he said it wasn’t.

“I’ve had to work for everything I got. It’s made me stronger that nothing was given to me. Nothing was handed to me. That probably makes my appreciation on life, on things, on career greater than the person who’s just been beautiful, and people love, and hand him things so he doesn’t go apes***,” she said during a confessional, while De’Von said he “doesn’t care” if he’s “entitled” because he’s just “blessed”.

Back in the house, Hazel-E jokingly said, “New dude better work for his,” to which De’Von replied, “Then go get him, I ain’t holding you back.” And that upset her. “Don’t tell me I can go find another [man],” she told him, and he said, “Well, don’t tell me that you’re going to basically go find another [man] then.”

Hazel-E said that it “sounds like” De’Von “doesn’t give a f***” about being with her, but we feel it’s just coming from her own insecurities. She just seemed to be getting nervous after Judge Lynn Toler told everyone that they’d be taking lie detector tests the next day.

“If that lie detector says that he’s using me for the clout, or only dating me because I’m Hazel-E, then how the f*** am I going to be with him?” she asked during a private confessional. “That’s crazy.”

De’Von then told Hazel-E that if she keeps doubting him or questioning his motives, she might end up single. She said it was a “threat”, but he said it was a “promise”. Yikes!

Earlier in the episode, Vado was also invited back to the house for the day’s exercise. However, he was told he couldn’t sit near Tahiry, interact with her alone or go near her without security being present. And following the exercise, he read a heartfelt apology to her, and she thanked him for it. But she wasn’t quite ready to give him a kiss or hug. She said he didn’t deserve that yet.

Lastly, Kurupt left the house permanently after he refused to go to rehab. And since he was now gone, there was no longer a reason for Toni to stay either, so she packed her bags and headed out.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 9pm on WE tv.

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