‘Marriage Boot Camp’: [SPOILER] Gets Expelled As Kurupt & Toni Fight Over His Drinking Problem

After Vado's explosion on Tahiry, Dr. Ish was faced with a difficult decision during the Aug. 6 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp'.

The stars of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition confronted their deepest insecurities during the Aug. 6 episode of the series, while Toni made a shocking discovery — one that left her relationship with Kurupt in question. But before we get to that, we must address Vado‘s explosion on Tahiry, which resulted in him getting expelled from the house.

When initially confronted by Dr. Ish, Vado defended his actions by saying Tahiry “disrespected” him “on TV” when she threw apples at him. And during a follow-up conversation, after Dr. Ish, Judge Lynn Toler and the show’s producer already decided it was best to get Vado out of the house, he basically said Tahiry was “asking for” him to get physical with her.

Dr. Ish clapped back at Vado for saying such a thing, and he tried saying that’s not what he meant, but from a viewer’s perspective, it seemed like Vado knew exactly what he was saying. Regardless, though, Dr. Ish felt it was best to set an example with Vado so no one else would think it’s okay to act violently in the house.

After Vado left, the group consoled Tahiry and she realized that she can’t let me continue to get physical with her, as she revealed it’s happened in the past. She said she was once hit so hard in the face that her nose became forever crooked. And now, she’s forced to relive that memory every time she looks in the mirror.

Later, Toni became annoyed by Kurupt’s drinking again. He also emotionally opened up to a few of his cast-mates about the death of his mother, and while they sympathized with him, Toni didn’t seem to care. She said he’s shared the same story with her before and everyone experiences death in their life, so she feels he needs to get over it.

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