‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Preview: Hazel-E Tears Up Remembering Her Troubled Childhood

Hazel-E and De'Von take a trip down memory lane in a new exercise in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.' While De'Von was spoiled growing up, Hazel didn't have the easiest upbringing.

The latest drill for the Marriage Boot Camp couples features mini-versions of them. “I’ll find somebody just like my mom. Somebody who spoils me,” the young De’Von says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 21 episode. When Dr. Ish says that’s not healthy, the young De’Von claps back, “Says you.” The little De’Von admits he’ll just “act out” until he gets his way.

When the young version of Hazel-E drives up, she has a Band-Aid on her nose. “I tried to help my mommy but I couldn’t save her. He hit her,” the young Hazel tells Dr. Ish. He asks, “Was that your dad?” The young Hazel replies, “No, he died. I don’t remember him at all. I’m never going to make the mistakes she made. I’m going to stay in control for everything.”

Marriage Boot Camp
Hazel-E and De’Von in the Aug. 20 episode. (WE tv)

Hazel-E is noticeably emotional watching the young version of herself say these things. When Dr. Ish asks Hazel how she’s feeling, she says, “That’s crazy… the timeline of how it happened and why that makes me think that way towards men now.” Dr. Ish notes, “The problems we tried to solve as kids are the same problems we’re trying to solve as adults.”

The conversation circles back to De’Von. “He’s blessed because there’s nothing wrong with getting everything given to you. It’s all about how you take that down the line,” De’Von says. The other couples think he’s missing the point. “I don’t think De’Von really got the real lesson out of this drill,” Shanda says.

Hazel-E De'Von
Hazel-E and De’Von are cast members on ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ (WE tv)

Dr. Ish puts De’Von in the hot seat and asks why he sometimes acts like already doesn’t get everything handed to him. “I guess because I’m so used to always getting my way that when I don’t then I don’t know how to react,” De’Von tells him. Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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