Melania & Donald Trump: Compilation Video Shows Every Time She Brushed Away His Hand

Nearly four years into the presidency, seeing Melania Trump swat away her husband's hand is almost expected. Every time she's done it so far has been compiled into a hilarious video.

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It’s no secret that Melania Trump isn’t awfully fond of sharing PDA with her husband. But when each and every moment of her awkwardly brushing his hand away from her is put together side-by-side — oof, it’s absolutely brutal. The Lincoln Project compiled a video showing just that, all of the times that the First Lady refused to hold President Donald Trump‘s hand, and every grimace, starting from his January 2017 inauguration. CLICK HERE to watch it.

Titled “Here’s the Melania and Donald Love Story,” and tagged with a heart-eyed emoji, the organization’s cheeky Twitter video begins with that famous face she pulls behind his back as he’s sworn into office. Set to “Don’t Touch Me” from the ’90s animated show Cartoon Planet, the video goes through all of the biggest “hits,” like Melania swatting Donald’s hand away without breaking her stride during a 2017 state trip to Israel.

Melania Donald Trump
First Melania Trump looks miserable while barely holding President Donald Trump’s hand at the College Football Playoff National Championship game, 1/13/20 (AP)

Then, there was that infamous France state dinner at the White House in 2018 when the Trumps attempted to take a normal photo with Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Sophie. The First Couple stood stiffly outside the White House, expressionless, as Melania barely grazed Donald’s hand. She let go almost immediately. There’s their various awkward photo ops while boarding and embarking Air Force One, as well.

Melania Donald Trump
First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump awkwardly walk together on the South Lawn of the White House, 7/4/20 (AP)

That includes their more recent foray into attempted PDA, when they arrived in Morristown, New Jersey on August 16. As the couple and their 14-year-old son, Barron Trump, descended the stairs of Air Force One, the president attempted to grab his wife’s hand multiple times. He eventually gave up, and they continued to ignore each other with smiles plastered on their faces. Naturally, social media had a field day with this.