Michelle Obama Teases Barack in Preview Of Her First Interview On New Podcast — Listen

Michelle Obama poked fun at husband Barack's presidential past in a cute preview clip from the first episode of her podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast. Listen in!

The first guest on The Michelle Obama Podcast needs no introduction, but Michelle Obama is giving him one anyway. The former FLOTUS is sitting down with her husband, former President Barack Obama, for her inaugural July 29 episode! And from the first teaser released from the episode, it’s clear that it’s going to be an amazing conversation. The teaser, which you can listen to above, is only a 17 seconds long, but Michelle manages to get in a hilarious dig at her husband.

Barack Obama Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama sit down for a conversation on her podcast about community in this BTS pic (Spotify)

“You’re the eternal optimist,” Michelle says, as Barack begins to speak. She jokingly cuts him off to call him “The ‘Yes We Can’ Man” in a mocking tone. Barack cracks up and agrees with her. For those too young to remember, “Yes We Can” was Barack’s campaign slogan for the 2008 presidential election. The slogan became a part of American cultural history, along with his red and blue “HOPE” posters by artist Shepard Fairey.

Her episode with Barack is called “Community,” and will focus on “our relationship to our communities and to our country,” she revealed in the introductory message released by Spotify. “I asked a special someone to join me for this conversation because he’s navigated these questions throughout the course of his entire life,” she said, referring to her husband. He’s the perfect guest; before he was a politician, Barack was a community organizer. In fact, he moved to Chicago in 1985 to take a job as the director of the Developing Communities Project. Chicago is where he met and fell in love with a remarkable woman named Michelle.

Michelle Obama podcast
The Michelle Obama Podcast premieres July 29 on Spotify

In the preview of her first episode, Michelle explained why she decided to “press record” and finally do a podcast. “I hope this podcast can be a place for us to explore big topics together… to sort through the questions that we’re all trying to answer… to open up, and be a little vulnerable, and have some fun along the way,” she says. “I just want it to feel like we’re sitting together on a park bench or in the booth of a restaurant with the jukebox playing. And most importantly, I hope this podcast sparks ideas and topics that all you listeners can open up with in your own circles.”

The guest list for the first nine episodes of her podcast is positively star studded. Not only will she talk to celebrities, but she’ll sit down with political figures, friends, and her own family. Here’s who you can expect to hear from, and what they’ll be discussing:

Episode 1: Community with Barack Obama

Episode 2: Self in the time of Covid with Michele Norris

Episode 3: Women’s Health with Dr. Sharon Malone

Episode 4: Siblings with Craig Robinson

Episode 5: Girlfriends with Dr. Sharon Malone, Kelly Dibble, and Denielle Pemberton-Heard

Episode 6: Marriage with Conan O’Brien

Episode 7: Mentorship with Valerie Jarrett

Episode 8: Mentees with Chynna Clayton, Yene Damtew, and Kristin Jones

Episode 9: Kids with Mrs. Robinson and Craig (Michelle’s mom and brother)

The Michelle Obama Podcast premieres July 29 on Spotify. Listen HERE.

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