T-Pain Claims Travis Scott Ditched Him For Multiple Studio Sessions & Fans Are Furious

Fans are calling out rappers for 'disrespecting' T-Pain after the singer opened up about being ditched by Travis Scott when they scheduled various studio sessions together.

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T-Pain went live on Twitch earlier this month, and his stream is suddenly getting major traction online after fans picked up on a story he told about working with Travis Scott. T-Pain shared the full story of his experience with Travis, and claims that the rapper fell asleep while they were working together in the studio. Then, when they were supposed to link up for future studio sessions, Travis ditched him, according to T-Pain!


Things were difficult with Travis from the start, T-Pain claimed. The guys got together to work on some beats, and Travis complained that the speakers in T-Pain’s studio weren’t loud enough. So, the singer ordered new speakers, and they linked up again. It was during that session that Travis played T-Pain some songs from his then-unreleased album, Astroworld. At that point, T-Pain was “motivated” to “make some s***.”

“I started going into how I do production and the whole time I’m looking at my computer, and he’s back there with his homeboys,” T-Pain explained. “I don’t know what they’re doing back there.” Eventually, T-Pain turned around…and Travis and his crew were all asleep! “Everybody in the room is dead asleep,” he continued. “Knocked the f*** out. Travis is somehow also asleep…standing up.”


Despite Travis seeming uninterested in a collaboration, T-Pain still asked him to record a song together, so they made plans to meet up from the 14th to the 18th of the month. However, Travis was a no-show at all the sessions. At first, T-Pain let it slide. “Obviously the guy hasn’t had enough sleep, so it’s the 14th, the first day, no big deal,” he admitted. “The 15th comes, he didn’t show up. Now, mind you, this was [after] on the 10th, when he had me order these new speakers that I have to pay for daily!” After days of giving Travis the benefit of the doubt, though, T-Pain was shocked when the rapper never came to any of their pre-scheduled recording sessions.

Even more shocked, though, were the fans who caught wind of this interview. Many Twitter users were NOT happy with Travis for ditching T-Pain. “The T-Pain disrespect is out of hand,” one person wrote. Another added, “Why doesn’t anyone wanna work with T-Pain? We actually miss him and want to hear more from him,” while someone else tweeted, “If you disrespect T-Pain ever….go f*** yourself.” Meanwhile, Travis has yet to respond.

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