Machine Gun Kelly Gushes Over Megan Fox’s ‘Beautiful Feet’ Amid Foot Fetish Confession — Watch

Megan Fox is all on board with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly's foot fetish. She even got a sexy manicure so she could step on his face in their 'My Bloody Valentine' music video.

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Megan Fox knows what her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly‘s kinks are, and she’s totally supportive of him being a foot kind of guy. The 30-year-old rapper says that his lady has the “most beautiful feet that exist” and wanted her to step on his face when they filmed his “My Bloody Valentine” music video together. Not only was she happy to oblige, she got a manicure in advance knowing about his foot fetish and anticipating his request. You can see MGK discussing Megan and her desirable feet starting at 12:07 in the below video:

MGK — real name Colson Baker — sat down and discussed his various music videos with Teen Vogue. In a video released on July 13, the subject of the couple’s super sexy “MBV” vid came up. The music video was Megan and Colson’s unofficial coming out party after reports that the pair were dating, and it dropped two days after actor Brian Austin Green revealed that his nearly 10 year marriage to Megan was kaput.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are now happily dating following her split from Brian Austin Green. Photo credit: Shutterstock. 

“It’s no secret I think feet are beautiful. And I think Megan has the most beautiful feet that exist,” Colson explained with a smile on his face. He then went on to elaborate about the moment in their music video where her feet with red painted toenails smush down upon his cheek, as MGK is shoved against the floor with pink tape across his mouth.

“This was right before we moved the locations in the house to somewhere else. And I was like, ‘Megan, you already know what I’m about to ask you.’ And she was like ‘Yeah, I literally got a pedicure cause I knew you were going to ask me that,'” he revealed. So before they even shot the video, Megan already knew about Colson’s foot fetish! “I was like ‘alright, plop it on,’ he revealed, slapping his cheek where he asked for her foot to be placed. As the below still from the video shows, Megan did exactly as she was asked.

Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox grinds her perfectly manicured foot into boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly’s face in his ‘My Bloody Valentine’ video. He requested that she step on his face to indulge his foot fetish.

Megan and MGK sent tongues wagging when they were photographed out together celebrating her 34th birthday on May 16, and she was without her wedding ring. Two days later, her BH90210 star husband confirmed that their marriage was over during the May 18 episode of his podcast, …With Brian Austin Green. Then on May 20, Megan and MGK’s “My Bloody Valentine” video dropped, showing off their intense chemistry.

The pair finally made things official by heading out to a Sherman Oaks, CA bar on June 15, where they were photographed holding hands and kissing. They then headed up to a hillside to watch the sunset and have a romantic sushi picnic dinner. Colson wrote on the IG video that he was “In love,” and the pair has been going strong ever since.


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