Drake Parties It Up In Barbados & Fans Are Convinced He’s ‘Tryna Find Rihanna’

Is there another reason why Drake's in Barbados besides partying with his friends? His fans are joking that he's on a mission to see Rihanna!

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Drake, 33, was just trying to party with his friends in Barbados on July 12, but fans couldn’t help joking about his vacation after seeing pics and video from his night out. What could have been so important that Drake would fly to the Caribbean during a pandemic? Rihanna, of course! His fans totally ribbed him on Instagram that he traveled all the way to Rihanna’s home country to get with his “Work” collaborator, 32, whom he still has a not-so subtle crush on.

Though they broke up in 2016, Drake and Rihanna’s friendship still contains a whole lot of flirtation. Even when they’re not dating, like now, his fans still poke fun at him for loving her. The jokes on Instagram were merciless. “Tryna find Rihanna,” one fan wrote after seeing video of him walking around Barbados at night. “He’s secretly visiting Rihanna,” a shipper commented. “Looking for riri,” another wrote matter of factly. “He about to go visit Rihanna’s childhood house,” another joked.


Fans started freaking out in March when Rihanna and Drake were trading flirty comments on DJ Spade’s Instagram Live session. The singers were supporting opposing sides in the Live battle, and had no problem trading barbs over it. He even told her she needed to drop another album, which fans have been begging for months. She told the other commenters to “give drake some water” in response. Queen.


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Drake fans joke that he’s in Barbados trying to find Rihanna (Instagram)

The two were also spotted getting cozy at an A$AP Rocky concert in New York City in January, shortly after her split from longtime boyfriend Hassan Jameel. It doesn’t appear that their romance bloomed again after that get together. But fans can always hope that the exes give things another shot, right?