Rihanna & Drake Reunite Virtually At Spade Muzik & Night Owl Sound’s IG Live DJ Battle

It's always awkward to bump into an ex at the club – even when it's virtual. Both Rihanna and Drake tuned into the Spade Muzik x Night Owl Sound battle, and Drake couldn't help but get 'thirsty.'

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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

“Calling all Caribbean massive tonight,” DJ Spade Muzik posted to Instagram on Mar. 24, and the fans came out in full force to watch his Instagram Live battle with DJ Night Owl Sound. Among those logging on were Rihanna, 32, who watched as Spade Muzik transported her away from her quarantine life to a time before the coronavirus outbreak. “I don’t know if my imagination dis lit or if I hallucinating, but I am in a club [right now],” she wrote in the chat. She wasn’t the only A-lister logging on to see this DJ battle. Drake, 33, was physically alongside DJ Night Owl Sound and was in the chat, which prompted Rihanna to tease her longtime friend, “Work” collaborator, and former bae. “They brought a celebrity to the clash…weak!”

Drake fired back in the comments. “DUB PLATE COME PRETTY LIKE A FENTY FOUNDATION,” he said, but RiRi wasn’t impressed. “Give drake some water,” she said, hoping someone would hydrate the “thirsty” rapper. “Hahahahhhahahaha you have a bad attitude,” he told her. During the battle, Drake also joined in on Rihanna’s fans demanding that she release her next album, tentatively titled R9. However, Drake said, “Rihanna drop R12 right now.” The two playfully teased each other during the clash. “Robyn you can’t buy him A one hot spot,” said Drake. “Champs we waiting for your boys,” she said. “firing yuhhhhh gwaaan” said Drake.

Overall, it was a cute interaction between these two. It was also good to see Drake out and about since there were reports that he was self-quarantining himself after Kevin Durant tested positive for COVID-19. The Brooklyn Nets star traveled to Los Angeles for the team’s game with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Drake hung out with KD afterward. Drake revealed that he tested negative for COVID-19, and confirmed this clean bill of health by appearing in DJ Night Own Sound’s IG Live.

It was a close call for the “God’s Plan” rapper. “life is a race, and the grim reaper catches up…till then glasses up,” Drake captioned a series of snaps from his hangout with Kevin. After KD’s diagnosis was made public, Drake seemed like he was preparing for the worst. “My life for the next however long,” he captioned the clip of him, all alone, in his massive home basketball court. Thankfully, that was not the case.

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