Nikki Bella Admits She Suffered A ‘Meltdown’ With 1 Month Until Due Date: ‘I Am Breaking’

After spending months in lockdown, Nikki Bella says she's 'literally about to lose it,' and is SO ready to no longer be pregnant.

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“I’m not gonna lie, I literally almost had my first massive meltdown — breakdown, whatever you want to call it — a few days ago,” Nikki Bella, 36, said while talking with twin sister Brie Bella, 36, on the July 1 episode of The Bellas Podcast. “I was like, ‘Brie, I’m literally about to lose it.’ I’m sick of being inside. I’m sick of not being a part of the world. I’m sick of being in the heat. I can’t even go on my walks, and I think that’s what’s made it worse. It sounds like such silly things that you can’t do, but it is crazy. Like, mentally, I am breaking.”

“I almost wish my boy would get here sooner so I could, at least, be inside and know like, I’m taking care of this new baby and learning. Instead, it’s like a waiting [game], and I’m tired of being in lockdown.” Brie, who’s been pregnant before, explained that “with [her first daughter] Birdie, I feel like that is Mother Nature’s way of being like, ‘You want the baby out so bad you don’t care about doing natural birth or feeling pain.’ You’re like, ‘Just get the baby out!'”

Nikki also expressed that the COVID-19 pandemic is also contributing to her lockdown madness. “The uncertainty is just killing me,” she said. “We were having expectations of a second wave in the fall. I feel like we’re getting hit with a second wave right now. So, I’m like, ‘so, is that a third wave in the fall?’ Are we just constantly gonna have these waves? And at times, you just want to be the person who’s just, ‘let’s just live!‘ But, also, we’re putting high-risk people at risk? And so, we have to stay in lockdown and wear a mask. It’s just difficult.”

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev (Shutterstock)

First off, no, the US isn’t experiencing the second wave of COVID-19. “We never made it out of the first wave,” Dr. David Weber, medical director of hospital epidemiology at the University of North Carolina Medical Center in Chapel Hill, told NBC News. So, that means Nikki and Brie will have to – like millions more Americans – continue to take the CDC-approved measures to help stop the spread of this novel coronavirus. However, Nikki’s wish of no longer being pregnant is about to come true. She’s due around the end of July and recently showed off her 8-month baby bump while getting back to work on her Bidbee lifestyle brand.

“After being apart due to COVID-19, the @mybirdiebee team is back and creating magic for you all these next coming seasons!” she captioned the June 25 Instagram post. “I’m SO impressed with our team and have missed them all so much!! Look out for Birdiebee and what is coming soon!” And you know what else is coming soon? Her baby boy!

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