Mark Wahlberg, 49, Puts His Ripped Back & Arm Muscles On Display While Revealing Skin Rash – Pic

You okay, Mark Wahlberg? While undergoing an allergy test, the 'Boogie Nights' star shared a picture of his bare back, and though his skin rash looked nasty, some fans couldn't believe how buff he looked.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

“It only took me 49 years to realize I’m allergic to almost everything,” Mark Wahlberg captioned his June 29 Instagram post. In the pic, the 49-year-old Departed star posed shirtless with his back to the camera. The markings on his skin indicated he was getting an allergy test, and the rashes on his back confirmed what he said: Mark’s allergic to everything. Hopefully, he’s not allergic to praise, because some fans couldn’t help themselves in the comment section.

“Seriously, he’s almost 50. Like how.” “Lololol, still my dream.” “Dammmm.” “That back tho.” One the one hand, marveling over his chiseled back while he was clearly in physical distress was kind of cringe. On the other hand, as that commenter said, “that back tho.” Thankfully, the thirst was kept to a minimum, and most commenters remarked how they underwent similar experiences (“Learning how to live an entirely new lifestyle at this age isn’t easy,” one commenter said) while sending well-wishes to Mark.

Mark just turned 49 on June 5, and the fitness-minded star looks as good as he did when he posed his underwear for Calvin Klein in 1992. He’s clearly proud of all his hard work because Mark’s often seen without a shirt. Whenever he’s hitting the beach on a break from his hectic work schedule (he has one movie out in September and two more slated for 2021) or when he’s vacationing with his wife Rhea Durham, 41, and kids, chances are – Mark’s chest is bare. But, if you had rock hard abs like him, would you cover them up?


Outside of this trip to the allergist, Mark has seemingly made the best of the COVID-19 quarantine. His Instagram is filled with posts of him working out at his home gym, playing basketball on his full-side outdoor court, and making TikTok videos with his family. In fact, on Apr. 15, Mark, Rhea, and their 10-year-old daughter, Grace Wahlberg, took part in the #SavageChallenge. Grace clearly inherited her father’s dance skills as she nailed the choreography. Rhea, on the other hand, didn’t, and it didn’t help that she had a bit of a distraction. As she was dancing, Mark swept in and gave her butt a few playful smacks. Nothing like getting goosed to throw you off your TikTok game.