Mark Wahlberg Surprises Wife Rhea Durham With Playful Smack On Her Backside In Cute Video

Oh, Mark Wahlberg – you're such a savage, naughty boy. While his wife Rhea Durham was doing that viral Megan Thee Stallion challenge, the 'Departed' actor got a little handsy.

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“Couldn’t help it,” Mark Wahlberg, 48, captioned the video he posted to his Instagram on Apr. 15. In the clip, Mark’s wife, model Rhea Durham, 41, joins daughter Grace Wahlberg, 10, in doing the #SavageChallenge. While dancing along to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” Rhea does her best to remember the choreography, but her focus on the dance steps left her wide-open for Mark to sweep in and smack her bum! He actually gets a few pats in there before sliding back out of frame. The best part of it is – Rhea didn’t react at all! She was so locked on the challenge that she shrugged off the smacking and continued to dance along.

The comments section filled with reactions of love and hilarity. Many pointed out how Grace was “getting it” and outclassing her mom. (“Your daughter was sure all into it! you definitely threw off your wife!” “Lol, it’s ok my daughter outdoes me every time….”) Others just enjoyed Mark’s cheekiness. “A little grab add!” “I just love him! He’s got the cutest family” Of course, Mark’s punishment for crashing his daughter’s #SavageChallenge video should be he has to bust out some moves to Meg’s hit song. It’s been a few years since “Good Vibrations” topped the charts, but Marky Mark could still put on a show.

He clearly still has the physique he did back in 1991. Before the COVID-19 coronavirus forced everyone indoors, Mark responded to Dr. Mehmet Oz, 59, challenging him to a one-legged push-up contest. “Comin’ for you, Dr. Oz,” Mark said in January while posing shirtless, and yes – he still has all of those abs. While Mark has left his Funky Bunch years in the past, he clearly hasn’t abandoned his core routine.

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Couldn’t help it. 😂❤️

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In fact, if there’s anything that could inspire people to keep to their workout routine during this time of self-isolation (or just to give fans hope during these dark times), it’s a shirtless Mark Wahlberg. In 2018, he revealed how he manages to maintain that physique. It involves working out in the gym for nearly three hours a day, three meals (plus four snacks, giving him the calories he needs after burning off so much during the workout.) Granted, he probably has changed things up since then, but whatever he’s doing, it works.