Tiera Skovbye Reveals Natural ‘Connection’ With Jacob Elordi Ignited On-Screen Chemistry For ‘2 Hearts’

The '2 Hearts' trailer introduces a story of love, connection & faith. Actress Tiera Skovbye spoke to HL about the new film & her on-screen romance with Jacob Elordi.

2 Hearts, based on the true story of Jorge Bacardi of the Bacardi Rum family, is a romantic journey of love, life and miracles that stars Tiera Skovbye, Jacob Elordi, Adan Canto and Radha Mitchell. In the trailer for the new film, Tiera and Jacob’s onscreen chemistry is palpable in their first scene together. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, Tiera revealed how the two hit it off immediately in a chem-read together and “got along very well, very quickly.”

“We had a lot of fun! We ended up going to Hawaii to film part of the movie and got a car and just drove around Hawaii and got to explore together, which was amazing,” she explained. “Jacob and I just got along very well and it allowed the characters to connect very naturally.” Tiera added that the writers helped facilitate the romantic connection felt by the two young characters.

“I really just got to play within the world the writers created,” she said. “There wasn’t a ton of research and it was all very easy and natural. The writing flows very well and the casting was great, so I think we were able to find some nuances, as well, while still telling these moments that actually happened in real life.”

2 Hearts follows two couples falling in love in two different decades and two different circumstances, but their lives will one day cross in a situation no one could have predicted. Inspired by the true story of Cuban exile Jorge Bacardi, who was born with sickly lungs and fought to survive his whole life, 2 Hearts is a beautiful story of young love and connection. “I think that’s what makes this story so beautiful and, in the end, heartbreaking is you see how much these two different couples love each other and how they meet and fall in love and what their love story looks like,” Tiera continued.

2 Hearts hits theaters September 11, 2020. Get your tissues ready!

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