Ashley Graham Breaks Her Tooth After Biting Into The ‘Best Oatmeal Cookie’ Ever — Watch

Ashley Graham's gorgeous model smile needed a trip to the dentist, after she ate a frozen oatmeal cookie and broke her front tooth. She showed off the painful aftermath of the sweet treat in a video.

Moms make the best home-made desserts ever. Ashley Graham says that’s definitely the case when it comes to her mother Linda’s oatmeal cookies. The 32-year-old model went back to her native Lincoln, NE to visit with her parents and needed an emergency dental visit after breaking her front tooth on one of her mom’s cookies. Apparently her mother put a batch of the sweet treats in the freezer so that they wouldn’t go bad before Ashley’s visit. But they were so hard that her daughter’s front tooth completely blew out when biting down on one.

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Ashley revealed the news to fans while making fun of her predicament in a June 18 Instagram video. She could be seen covering up her mouth as she talked, while wearing her hair pulled back. The new mom looked gorgeous with just a light layer of makeup on, including brown eye shadow and a natural lip shade. Ashley gave her mom props for such great cookies before making her big reveal.

“Shout out to Linda Graham for making the best oatmeal cookies in the world and putting them in the freezer,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model began before pausing for a beat. “…and having her daughter break her tooth on them,” she added. Ashley then dropped her hand to show just a little nub left where her front tooth used to be. It looked beyond painful!

Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham shows off her gorgeous smile and killer legs at the Met Costume Gala on May 6, 2019. Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

Ashley appeared to be sitting next to her mom, as she looked directly off camera while talking about her cookies. A light grey wall could be seen behind her, as Ash was seated on an off-white chair with some dark patterns in it. Hopefully it was the interior of a dentist’s office and she was about to get some emergency work done. The mother to five-month-old son Isaac seemed to be taking her cookie-related injury in stride though.

Her pals were both alarmed and amused by Ashley’s predicament. Steph Curry‘s wife Ayesha was without words, leaving four shocked-looking emoji faces with their hands on their cheeks. But others made jokes about how even with a broken front tooth, Ash was still so gorgeous. Fashion and lifestyle blogger Nicolette Mason wrote, “Ok but the fact that you still look good…!!!” while personal trainer Kira Stokes added, “If anyone can pull that tooth off it’s you,” along with a laughing face emoji. Which is so true! Ashley is a stunner no matter how her mouth looks….even though it will definitely appear a lot less painful looking once she gets that tooth fixed!

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