Nikki Bella Shows Off Bare Baby Bump At 29 Weeks & Reveals Her Belly Button Is Starting To ‘Pop’

The bun in Nikki Bella’s oven is getting bigger every day. The pregnant ‘Total Bellas’ star shared some new photos of her belly and said her ‘innie’ is about to turn into an ‘outie.’

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“Lazy Sunday,” Nikki Bella, 36, captioned a pair of photos she uploaded on May 17. In the pics, the WWE Hall of Famer wore a ruby red Birdiebee top, a sheer white skirt, and not much else. In one of the photos, the Total Bellas star basked in the afternoon sunshine, the rays warming her growing baby bump. As to how far long she and Artem Chigvintsev’s baby is, Nikki gave an update while showing off her stomach. “Almost 29 weeks (belly button is starting to pop out.)”

At 29 weeks, Nikki is roughly seven weeks away from “popping” out her child, and she’s expected to give birth right behind her also-pregnant twin sister, Brie Bella, 36. Brie is further along, but just (“30 weeks,” she shared on May 18 while posing nearly naked). Being so close to their due dates, it’s time for the twins to think of possible baby names, and they shared their thoughts on this EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. Brie and husband Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) decided “a long time ago [we] have to do all B names because Bryan’s whole family’s all B’s. He’s Brian, I’m Brianna, and now we have Birdie (their 3-year-old daughter) our baby has to have a ‘B’ name.”

Brie said that if they give birth to a boy, they’ll name him after Bryan’s father, Buddy. “If it’s a girl, we have no idea. He and I, we both want way different names. I think Branch is really cute for a girl, and he’s like, ‘Uhhh,’ and then he really wants Beatrice and I’m like, ‘Uhh,’ so we’re like, we cannot agree on a girl name.” As for Nikki, she says that she and Artem, 37, are “going back and forth with names.”

“We’re really excited for the gender reveal for the season finale of Total Bellas,” Nikki told HollywoodLife, “so it’ll be fun to see what people think. I have to find something that goes with a Russian middle name and last name. So it’s very, very difficult, and I don’t want it to be a Russian first name.” So, it seems Natasha, Ivan, Vladimir, and Anastasia are out of the running. As to what Nikki and Brie pick, fans will have to sit tight for a few more months.

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