T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Heiress, 4, Slays The ‘Savage’ Challenge On TikTok — Watch

Heiress Harris has already proved to be a skilled singer and dancer at just four-years-old. Now Tiny and T.I.'s daughter has nailed the TikTok 'Savage' challenge.

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T.I. and Heiress Harris
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It turns out the TikTok “Savage” challenge is so easy to learn that even a four-year-old can master it. Then again, this isn’t just any preschooler. It’s T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ daughter Heiress. Her folks posted video of their precious little girl doing all of the moves, including the clap then swinging her arms from side to side. She then turned to the side to pat her tush with her hand. During the line “acting stupid” she put her hands up to the sides of her face as is done in the challenge, then gave herself a big hug with her arms while flapping her hands.

Heiress looked adorable in a light blue sweatshirt and pink pants. She had her hair in thick braids with yellow and pink beads at the ends. The song that was playing wasn’t Megan Thee Stallion‘s version, but one that was slowed down and just narrated with no music behind it. That probably made it easier for Heiress to keep up. She got the whole routine down pat, and Heiress knows she’s a good dancer.

The incredibly articulate child argued that she’s got better moves than her older brother King, 15. In a promo for the Apr. 13 episode of VH-1’s T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, Heiress was asked if she and King dance, and she said that it was “crazy” when they do. She was in Tiny’s arms, and her mom asked, “King dances crazy?” “Well, he dance funny,” Heiress responded, as video of the two shaking some moves was shown. Tiny asked, “How do you dance?” and her daughter confidently replied, “I’m a better dancer than King.”

Heiress has proved she’s right, as she has commanded adults while jamming out her moves. She held a dance party with three adult male friends of her parents and had them wrapped around her little finger, in a two videos Tiny shared to her Instagram on Feb. 27.  Heiress shook back and forth to the music as three of Tiny and T.I.’s pals did silly dances behind her. Heiress would then yell “freeze,” and she and her parents’ friends immediately froze in their dance position. Then she would tell them “unfreeze,” and it was right back to the dance-off.

Tiny captioned the IG videos, “Baby girl out in LA hanging with the boys…uncle @gfmbryyce big cuz @v0ncaesar & @giftedtalents.” Bryyce a member of T.I.’s Hustle Gang and Gifted Talents is Brandon Robinson, who is T.I.’s personal photographer and videographer. They had a blast dancing with Heiress.