Dog The Bounty Hunter Shares Heartbreaking New Video Of Him Kissing Wife Beth Before Her Death

Almost a year after Beth Chapman's heartbreaking death, she is still dearly 'missed' by Dog The Bounty Hunter, who shared a video of him kissing his beloved wife.

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“Sadly missed,” Dwyane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman captioned the video he posted to Instagram on Apr. 2. In the short throwback clip clip, Dog, 67, cozies up to Beth Chapman while they exit a theatre. Dog gives her a light peck on the lips, before kissing the side of her head, prompting their song “Gary Boy” Chapman to protest. “Oh my god, stop,” he says, to which Beth playfully teases him. “Gary Boy, you want a kiss? I’ll give ya kiss,” she says. “Jesus Christ. C’mon sonny, just one kiss.”

Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019, due to complications from cancer. Since her death, Dog has been in different stages of mourning. At the start of February, he posted a behind-the-scenes picture taken at what appeared to be a photo shoot. In the pic, Dog and Beth hold hands and share a quick kiss before they have to jump back in front of the cameras. “I sure miss you today!!” Dog captioned the shot, a feeling that he seemingly has felt ever since he had to say good-bye to his beloved wife.

“I couldn’t stop crying,” Dog said on the Feb. 3 episode of Dr. Oz, while revealing he fell into a deep depression after Beth’s death. The loss of his better half was such a shock to Dog that he even considered taking his own life, rather than deal with another day without Beth. “I wasn’t going to commit suicide with a gun, or something. I was going to take a lot of pills,” he confessed. “Beth left all her big pills…so I thought I just need one drink of water.”

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Dog credited Moon Angell — a longtime assistant, a confidant to the Chapman family, and an ex-girlfriend of one of Dog’s sons —  for helping him pull out of that suicidal funk. “Well, she’s pretty rough, this one,” Dog said to Dr. Oz. Moon, who appeared on the show with Dog, said she was “brutally honest” and that he mission was to get Dog back on his feet, “back on the show, and get busy again.” Dog, on the other hand, wanted to get busy in a different way. Later in that episode, he asked Moon to marry him, much to the shock and horror of Beth’s children.

Supposedly, Dog was just being “overly emotional” at the moment, and shortly afterward, there were reports that Angel put some distance between her and Dwayne (while still maintaining their personal friendship and professional partnership.) Since then, Dog has said that though his heart aches, he might give dating another shot.

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