Abby Lee Miller Reveals She May Soon Be Homeless Amidst Global Crisis: ‘It’s Awful’

'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller opens up about possibly be getting kicked out of the hotel she's been living in while quarantined, and why this is such a scary time for her.

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Abby Lee Miller has been living in a hotel while waiting for her new apartment to be ready, and it’s caused her major stress as the world waits out the coronavirus pandemic. “I was living in a hotel and my hotel closed,” Abby explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “So they sent me to another hotel, but they gave me the wrong information. When my guys got there with all my stuff, they said that it was closed, [too].”

Finally, she got put up in a hotel that fit her needs, but she may be homeless once again very soon. “I came here and I’m all good, got a great room and I have a huge terrace and it’s wonderful,” she revealed. “But now they’re telling me I have to move tomorrow because someone who often stays here is coming into this room.” Abby has an apartment to move into, but unfortunately, she can’t go there yet, either. “My apartment is brand new and it’s not expected,” she said. “The city has to come and inspect it and sign off on the floor, the whole building. And they haven’t, so I can’t move in.”

At the time of our interview, Abby had no solution. “You ask me what I’m going to do? I don’t know what I’m going to do!” she admitted. “It’s awful.” On top of that, Abby is still in a wheelchair from spinal surgery that she had in 2018. The procedure left her unable to walk and with a scar down her entire back. She started to re-learn how to walk in the summer of 2019, but is still wheelchair-bound months later.

“I’m handicap, so it’s very difficult to feel safe, like, in a bathroom, and this and that,” Abby said, explaining her quarantine fears. “It’s a nightmare.” However, she’s confident that she’ll be able to get through this. “I survived prison and the wheelchair and cancer,” she explained. “God is trying. He needs me for something. He keeps trying to get me and I keep scooting out of it somehow!”

Unfortunately, the quarantine regulations mean she hasn’t been able to get her usual physical therapy. “There’s more work to do,” she said. “These legs need to be straightened and feet to be pointed.” Check out our full interview with Abby in the vide above!

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