Surgeon General Begs Kylie Jenner To Tell Millions Of Fans To Stay Home Due To Coronavirus

Surgeon General Jerome Adams has issued a plea to Kylie Jenner, urging her to warn her millions of fans on social media to quarantine during the current coronavirus outbreak.

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Thousands of teenagers and young people continue to flock to warm locations for crowded spring break vacations, despite the looming threat of the coronavirus in the United States. As officials are warning people to self-quarantine and practice social distancing, many young people simply are not listening, and it’s becoming quite a danger to others around them. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams appeared on Good Morning America on March 19, and he called on Kylie Jenner to use her influence over young fans to alleviate these issues.

“Wha we really need to do is get our influencers — Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, Kylie Jenner — we need to get our social media influencers out there and help folks understand that this is serious,” Dr. Adams said. “People are dying. We are seeing new data emerging from Italy that young people may be at higher risk in different situations than what we previously thought. Think about your grandmother, think about your grandfather, think about the fact that your’e spreading disease that could ultimately kill them.”

Kylie actually already has been fairly vocal on social media about the coronavirus, urging her fans to self-quarantine like she has been doing. On March 18, Kylie revealed that she’d been social distancing for eight days already. “Another daily reminder to take this social distancing serious and self quarantine,” Kylie wrote on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian also confirmed on her Instagram page that ALL of the KarJenner family members have been practicing social distancing at this time. She explained that the sisters are all self-quarantined separately, and alerted her fans to the importance of doing so. Clearly, the KarJenners know how much influence they have, and with millions of followers apiece, they’re making sure to do their part in getting out as many warnings as they can.