Brad Pitt, 56, & Alia Shawkat, 30, Hit Up In-N-Out After Their Real Relationship Status Is Revealed

A new photo of Brad Pitt and his pal, Alia Shawkat, shows the pair ordering food at In-N-Out after a night out together earlier this month.

Brad Pitt, 56, and Alia Shawkat, 30, are just friends, but they’ve certainly been spending quite a bit of time together lately! A new photo, obtained by TMZ, shows the duo hanging out at In-N-Out on March 8, which was the day after that they attended a concert together in Los Angeles. The famous pair blended right in as they order burgers at In-N-Out, but one fan noticed who they were and snapped a photo. Although the picture is taken from behind, Brad is wearing the same brown hat that he was photographed in the evening before, and a second photo showed Alia from a side angle.

This is not the first time that Brad and Alia have been spotted hanging out together. They attended a comedy show together in October 2019, and the next month, they were spotted at an art gallery and a Kanye West service. However, despite all of these sightings leading to romance rumors, it’s been reported by various outlets that there is nothing romantic about Brad and Alia’s relationship. As HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY reported, these two have simply connected and formed a close friendship due to their mutual love of art.

“Brad and Alia’s connection is art,” our source explained. “He’s a fan of her work. Alia is a big deal in the LA art scene, and since his divorce [from Angelina Jolie], Brad has been hanging out in that world more and more. That’s how the friendship came to be. He doesn’t talk about art much, but it’s a huge part of his life.” Alia is also an actress, who starred on Arrested Development.

alia shawkat brad pitt

Since splitting from Angelina in Sept. 2016, Brad has not focused on dating. Instead, he’s put his time into his six kids and his career, which has paid off. He and Angelina have finally come to a temporary custody agreement, and he won an Oscar (as well as many other awards) for his role in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood earlier this year. Alia is just a good friend who he’s able to share all of that with!

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