Brad Pitt & Alia Shawkat: How Their Friendship Deepened Over Their Shared Love Of Art

Brad Pitt and actress Alia Shawkat have been spotted on numerous outings at concerts and other events. It's their shared love of art that has helped the two forge a close friendship.

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Brad Pitt made it very clear throughout his awards season run that he’s a single man. So when he was photographed attending a March 8 Thundercat concert in L.A. with former Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat, 30, and several other pals, it was purely as friends. After all, he joked at the 2020 Golden Globes that, “I wanted to bring my mom, but I couldn’t. Because anyone I stand next to they say I’m dating. It’d just be awkward…” Brad, 56, and Alia were also spotted at L.A. art exhibitions in Nov. 2019 and have a shared love of art and music. But there’s absolutely no romance.

“How quickly people forget but Brad even joked about being seen with women in one of his acceptance speeches that it must mean they are dating. But when he hangs out with Alia, it is because she is a great friend that makes him laugh and someone he can shoot the you know what with,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “It is really nice for Brad to have both male and female friends he can trust and have a fun night out with. Because he is all about relaxing right now after his good fortune with award season.”

“He is looking to stay out of the limelight for a while and that includes dating. He just wants to enjoy family and friends. A very chill summer is one of his main goals right now. It doesn’t have to be filled with drama or relationship rumors. He’s cool with being in limbo right now,” the insider continues.

“Brad and Alia’s connection is art, he’s a fan of her work. Alia is kind of a big deal in the LA art scene, and since the divorce Brad’s been hanging out in that world more and more. So that’s how the friendship came to be. He doesn’t talk about his art much, but it’s a huge part of his life. So it makes sense that his social group has expanded to include other artists,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY. Brad famously took up sculpting in 2017 as a hobby to de-stress during his divorce and child custody battle with Angelina Jolie, 44.


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