Hannah Ann Admits Watching ‘The Bachelor’ Helped Her Through Breakup: Peter ‘Misled’ Me

Seeing Peter Weber date other women on 'The Bachelor' proved to be a cathartic experience for Hannah Ann Sluss, who he proposed to, then dumped, in a matter of months.

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Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber’s relationship ended earlier this year while their season of The Bachelor was still playing out on television. However, despite the heartbreak she was facing, Hannah Ann didn’t shy away from watching the happier times when the show aired. “Watching the season has been very helpful in working through any unresolved feelings I had towards Peter,” Hannah Ann admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I was able to watch my ex-fiance not only make out with every girl, but see him mislead me and betray me. That alone gave me the closure I needed. Sometimes, knowing that you deserve better is the closure you need.”

When Hannah Ann got engaged to Peter on The Bachelor finale, she had no idea how strong his feelings still were for Madison Prewett, who had left the show just two days prior. She accepted the proposal without being aware of just how intense Peter and Madison’s connection was, and said that she felt extremely blindsided when she eventually found out that Peter still had feelings for her. Once Peter told Hannah Ann that he couldn’t give her his full heart, because some of it still belonged with Madison, the relationship ended. The exes reunited for the first time since their split on After the Final Rose on March 10.

“It was a lot of pent up emotion that I had over the last five weeks after our breakup,” Hannah Ann admitted, of the encounter. “[I was able] to sit down, look him in the eyes and show him I’ve moved on, I’m strong and I’m going to be fine without you.”

Hannah Ann also expanded on what happened the day that she and Peter broke up, and said that even though they were having issues, she did not expect the conversation to go as it did. “Walking into that day, we both knew there were going to be cameras,” she revealed. “We were working through the unresolved issues he had [with Madison]. I told him prior to going to L.A., I was like, hey, if you want to break up, just give me a heads up. He was like, no, we’re going to work through this. He told me to trust him, so I trusted him. That day was the very first time I heard, ‘I can’t give you my full heart.”

In the end, Peter wound up reconnecting with Madison, and on After the Final Rose they revealed that they were dating and working through things “one day at a time.” However, their differences — and, likely, Peter’s family’s disapproval — proved to be too much to handle, and they announced their decision to break up on March 12, just hours after Hannah Ann taped her Ellen interview. Before knowing about the split, Hannah Ann said she wishes Peter and Madison “the best,” but vowed that she’ll be “staying out of it!”

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