Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Studio Version Of Her Sexy ‘Revival’ Tour Song ‘Feel Me’– Listen 

For years, fans have been begging Selena Gomez to release a recorded version of her live song, 'Feel Me,' and on Feb. 21, 2020...she finally granted their wish!

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Loyal Selena Gomez fans have been obsessed with the singer’s previously unreleased song, “Feel Me,” ever since it was part of her Revival tour setlist in 2016. The track was part of the Revival tour setlist, and YouTube videos of Selena singing it on the tour have thousands of views. In the four years since this tour, fans have been flooding Selena’s comments and mentions with requests for her to actually record the song and officially release it. Well, on Feb. 21, 2020, Selena finally did just that. “On the Revival tour I introduced a song that you guys haven’t stopped talking about since,” Selena wrote on Instagram. “Soo you asked and I listened.”

“Feel Me” is a super sexy track, on which Selena sings about making sure an ex-lover hasn’t forgotten about her. “Every time your lips touch another, I want you to feel me,” she sings in the chorus. “Every time you dance with somebody, I want you to feel me.” The verses also feature some pretty scathing lyrics, as Sel croons, “Baby ‘long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone,” and “Where do you go to hide, when she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night?”

When “Feel Me” first debuted in 2016, Selena was in the midst of her up and down relationship with Justin Bieber. The two were broken up at the time, and of course, many fans suspected that the track was about him. It’s no secret that Justin has been an inspiration for a lot of Selena’s music, including many tracks on her Jan. 2020 album, Rare.

The studio version of “Feel Me” was initially released on an exclusive Rare vinyl sold only at Target in January. At the time, fans were begging Selena to share a digital version, but she responded, “That song was from when I was in a different place and doesn’t fit where I am right now.” Looks like she had a change of heart!