Kanye West Chows Down On KFC As Kim Kardashian Takes A Selfie & Twitter Goes Wild With Memes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West visited are in Paris visiting designer Jean Paul Gauthier's atelier. While Kim modeled a skintight dress in her mirror selfie, Yeezy tucked in with a bucket of KFC.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in Paris hitting up high-end design houses. While Kim was all about the fashion, Yeezy got hungry. Thank goodness there was a nearby kiosk where he was able to order up a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to go. Kim, 39, shared a mirror selfie showing the couple in the Jean Paul Gaultier atelier on Feb. 19. She could be seen in a skin-tight, colorful dress by the designer in the foreground, while Yeezy sat on a sofa chowing down on his KFC in the foreground.

The Twittersphere went wild for the pic, and video later emerged showing Kim in the dress with Kanye in front of a KFC kiosk, as Yeezy was deciding what size bucket of chicken he wanted to order. She must have been in the middle of trying on looks while Kanye said “time out” and needed his KFC immediately. He’s seen in Kim’s photo that she shared on Twitter looking so happy and content, as he tucked in to his red and white bucket of fried chicken.

“Kanye smashing a bucket of KFC while Kim tries on a JPG dress is a MOOD,” on fan wrote on Twitter. User Babiefeet scolded, “Kim will you stop taking pictures of yourself Kanye is trying to enjoy his chicken.” Fan Guzman commented, “This picture screams ICONIC in so many levels it shocks me.” User Richard C. pointed out, “KFC Marketing team going into overdrive right now to jump on the wave.”

User Laura pointed out, “Wait I thought you guys were vegan!?” as Kim recently admitted that she’s vegetarian and the only one of the couple’s four children that eats meat is daughter North West, 6, and she only eats fish. The rest all eat strictly plant-based diets. Kanye apparently isn’t part of the family’s meatless diet, as he looks so content with his chicken.

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