‘Floribama Shore’ Preview: Gus Tries To ‘Test The Boundaries’ & Score A Hookup With Nilsa

After a successful summer of Gus and Nilsa being 'just friends' on season 3 of 'Floribama Shore,' Gus tries to shoot his shot one last time in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Feb. 20 finale.

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Another summer is coming to an end during the Feb. 20 episode of Floribama Shore! Things will wind down for the cast during the season three finale, and Gus Smyrnios doesn’t want to leave the beach house without seeing where things go with Nilsa Prowant one last time. “Me and Nilsa have always had chemistry,” he admits in an EXCLUSIVE preview of the episode. “Summer’s coming to an end and I don’t want anything to be left unsaid.” Gus takes it upon himself to get super close to Nilsa in her bed, and quickly starts getting flirty.

“That pizza don’t cuddle quite as good as I do,” Gus tells his roommate. Nilsa doesn’t take the bait, though, as she responds, “I’m about to take my makeup off and go to bed.” But Gus isn’t willing to let it go. “I just feel like we’ve grown pretty close this summer…” he tells Nilsa. She agrees, adding, “I do, too, and I don’t feel like we’ve ever been there before and I appreciate that.” However, Gus doesn’t want to “deny the other stuff” that’s between them. “What if we did take the next step?” he asks. “What if we did try to test the boundaries a little? Obviously there’s something between us. I don’t think either one of us can deny that.”

Meanwhile, Aimee Hall is watching it all go down from the next bed, and in her confessional, she shares her thoughts on the possible hookup. “Please, please Nilsa, don’t do it, girl!” Aimee begs. “Stand your ground, don’t do it!” Unfortunately, the clip cuts off there, so we’ll have to see what happens when the full episode airs!

Nilsa and Gus had a friends with benefits relationship during season two of Floribama Shore, but when her feelings for him were stronger than his for her, they realized it wasn’t meant to work out. Gus came into season three with a girlfriend, which set a boundary between him and Nilsa and helped them to grow as friends. However, the two broke up shortly after filming began, and after a summer of fun, it looks like Gus is ready to give it another go with Nilly!

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