‘Floribama Shore’ Preview: Nilsa Gets Arrested After Breaking A Cab Window On Night Out

Things are getting crazy on the Jan. 23 episode of 'Floribama Shore'! In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, Nilsa gets reprimanded by police following her 'most drunk' night of the summer.

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Nilsa Prowant is getting into some TROUBLE on the Jan. 23 episode of Floribama ShoreHollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the episode, which begins with Nilsa being questioned by police officers outside the bar. “Am I going to go to jail for public indecency?” she asks, to which one of the officers replies, “It’s possible.” In a confessional, Nilsa reveals her frustrations. “I didn’t even know there were repercussions to showing some freakin’ monument like these *points to her chest.* These are a freaking statue! People are going to write history books about these things!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is still inside the bar, completely unaware of what’s going on. Kortni Gilson is back after having her tonsils removed, and new cast memberMattie Breaux, is trying to keep her under control. “It’s time to go home before s*** hits the fan,” Mattie says. However, when the group gets outside, things are just unraveling for Nilsa. The police have let her go, but she’s livid as she gets into the back of a cab. A producer tries to calm her down, but she’s not having it.

“This is the most drunk I’ve been since I’ve been in the beach house this summer,” Nilsa admits in her confessional. Meanwhile, she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and spewing expletives toward the cops from the back of the taxi. Eventually, she sees the person who put her in handcuffs, and starts fighting to get out.

When a producer holds her back, Nilsa takes it upon herself to kick out the cab window, shattering the glass entirely. It’s at that point that she’s asked to step outside. “My mom’s gonna f***ing kill me,” Nilsa says, at the end of the clip. The full episode of Floribama Shore airs on Jan. 23 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.