RuPaul Transforms Pete Davidson’s ‘Chad’ Into Glam Drag Queen On ‘SNL’ — Watch

We hope he's ready for 'Drag Race'! RuPaul was his oh-so-fabulous self as he turned Pete Davidson's 'Chad' into the 'greatest drag queen in the world'!

RuPaul, 59, is the ultimate talent scout! While shooting the latest cover of ‘Drag magazine’, Ru had a fleeting thought — “why is it always me?” as he pondered who the “next generation” of drag queen would be. After taking a quick glance around the studio, he spotted none-other than Pete Davidson‘s stoner character Chad. “Drag needs someone new — someone like that!” Ordering everyone to “take five,” Ru couldn’t get enough of Chad’s “dynamic” features. “Have you ever done drag?” Ru asked a confused Chad. “No, just weed and pills,” Chad answered nonchalantly. Cue the transformation!

“Step 1! The balls! No junk, no bump — the junk goes in the trunk,” Ru ordered Chad, insisting he tape his genitals “down and back” not “up and front.” Next, the wardrobe and makeup! “Oh, child, that is definitely your color — now pop your lips like you’re going to kiss!” as Chad puckered up for a smooch. “Chad, I’m a married man!” Ru exclaimed, referencing his 2017 nuptials to Georges LeBar. “You’re a man?” a confused Chad asked. “Baby it’s time to go down the runway!” We have to say, Chad cleaned up pretty nicely in the dark colored wig as he “worked it” just like the fabulous contestants on Drag Race! “Work it girl!” Ru insisted to his protege.

“I can mold you into the next RuPaul, but if you want to be the best…I’ll only ask you once: do you want to be the GREATEST drag queen of all time?” Ultimately, confused Chad ended up on the cover of ‘Drag Magazine’ — and we’re definitely wondering what short-lived crush Jennifer Lopez is thinking!

RuPaul has been busier than ever lately, between RuPaul’s Drag Race, his Netflix series AJ & The Queen, and his live Las Vegas show — but we aren’t complaining! RuPaul recently stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to dish on some of his latest projects, including what keeps Drag Race going over a decade later. “Everybody wants to root for the underdog,” RuPaul said to Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 7. “These kids have come from homes where their mama and their daddy have thrown them out. But they said, ‘You know what Mama? You know what Daddy? Eff y’all! I’m gonna do my own thing’,” he continued.

Pete Davidson As 'Chad'
Pete Davidson’s ‘Chad’ is transformed into the world’s ‘next greatest drag queen’ by none other than RuPaul! (NBC)

Recently, RuPaul also looked more fabulous than ever on the holiday cover of Vanity Fair! The 59-year-old was flawless as he posed in a sheer bodysuit draped in crystals, fishnet stockings and a sultry red manicure. Jimmy went on to congratulate Ru — born RuPaul Andre Charles — for being the “first drag queen” to ever cover the legendary magazine, which didn’t exactly sit well with the star!  “A drag queen? A drag queen?” he asked, adding, “I am the queen of drag!” We aren’t going going to disagree with that one! Jimmy quickly apologized, as RuPaul quipped, “You should be, I’m gonna key your car.” Remind us not to get on Ru’s bad side!

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