SEVENTEEN’S Jeonghan Forced To ‘Halt Activities’ After Health Concerns & Fans Send Well Wishes

Jeonghan, of the K-Pop group, SEVENTEEN, was recently in the hospital for various health concerns. Now, he must take a break from his activities with the group as he recovers.

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Pledis Entertainment released a shocking statement regarding its group, SEVENTEEN, on Dec. 20. The message explained why one member of the group, Jeonghan, will have to take a temporary hiatus from the band. “We are writing to inform you about SEVENTEEN member Jeonghan’s health and temporary halting of activities,” the statement said, per Soompi. “Firstly, we sincerely thank fans who care for and love SEVENTEEN, and we wish to apologize for bringing such sudden news. Jeonghan recently visited the hospital for health reasons with symptoms of dizziness, and after a complete medical examination, he was advised to minimize his schedules with adequate rest.”

The statement continued, “Based on this, we had a serious conversation with Jeonghan and decided to temporarily halt all of his activities until late December. Jeonghan is currently resting and we will do our best to give our full support for everything he needs for his treatment and full recovery. Once gain, we wish to apologize for causing fans concern, and we ask there to not be any speculation or misunderstandings about Jeonghan’s health and schedule. Also, we will share a follow-up notice regarding his future schedule and recovery at a later date. Thank you.” 

SEVENTEEN is due to hit the United States on the North American leg of their world tour beginning on January 10. At this time, Jeonghan is only expected to be out of commission for the end of December, so, barring any updates, he will not miss out on this big milestone with the group.

Once Pledis made the announcement, fans began flooding Twitter with well wishes for Jeonghan. “So sad,” someone wrote. “Please take a rest and get will soon Jeonghan.” Others added, “Hoping for your fast recovery Jeonghan. We are always willing to wait for you” and “Pains me that Jeonghan never fully recovered from dizziness a month ago but he fought through so many schedules and performances, please rest well.” We wish Jeonghan a speedy recovery!

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