Jennifer Aniston & Rihanna’s Trainer Reveals Their Workouts To Get Long, Toned Muscles

Jennifer Aniston and Rihanna have flawless bodies and their trainer is opening up and revealing all of their secrets.

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Jennifer Aniston, 50, and Rihanna, 31, are known for having the most incredible bodies. With their long, lean legs, rock hard abs, and toned to perfection arms, it’s no wonder that everyone would love to know just how they look so good no matter if it’s running to the grocery store or walking the red carpet for a premiere. But now, we know! Enter celebrity fitness guru Sebastein Lagree, creator of Lagree Fitness. Sebastian is known for his tough yet short 25 minute workout classes which is a high-intensity low impact muscular endurance workout that anyone at any fitness level can partake in. HollywoodLife was lucky enough to EXCLUSIVELY sit down (and experience a tough workout!) with Sebastein on Nov. 7 at his LA studio where he revealed all of the secrets on Jen and Rihanna’s workouts.

HL: Jen Aniston looks amazing at 50. How does she get these long lean arms? What’s her favorite workouts?

Sebastein: Jen loves this workout because it’s not a workout that bulks you up. Jen, all these people, love the workout because it just gives you this long lean, that long lean muscle. A lot of the celebs that I’ve trained, not Jen but other celebrities, have had like either hip or knee issues so they can actually get that same effect just by laying on the machines. You can lay on your back, lay on your side, and you can work around those issues and still get a great workout. So for Jen it wasn’t that way, but there was other celebrities like that.But the movement, like those arms you’re talking about, the last one we’re doing the chest opener it’s just a fantastic exercise. You just shape the shoulders and the triceps. I like this method of fitness. I like this machine because sometimes you’re in the midst of a routine and then you can start to create new exercises. This is a great platform to kind of just create new movements on the go and just keep the workout so interesting.

HL: How many times a week, like if somebody wants to look like her, should they be working out on this machine?

Sebastein: Jen is basically someone who’s very healthy and body conscious, but also that’s a livelihood, right? So a lot of celebrities they don’t really have, let’s say, me as a personal trainer. They might have two or three personal trainers. They also have yoga instructors. They’ll have Pilates instructors, right? So they have a few people in the fitness area and then they have a cook as well. The number one way to look this way is by not getting fat, right? And so you have to really be good at what you eat because a workout will make you burn calories but the best way to look that way is really by adopting a very healthy living and really eating well.

HL: And there’s also Rihanna and Beyonce on your roster. Now how about women like that who are naturally curvier and really have to work at finding that lean curvy balance, what do you recommend workout wise for women like that? What do you do with them?

Sebastein: Well, with the curvy women, most of the time I feel they want to keep the curve. Like I said, in order to be long and lean, it’s going to be the workout that we do here but you need also to have the right eating habits. So if you don’t have the right eating habits, you’d get tone underneath all the cushion but you need to do this. So I think that with some celebrities, they’ll keep it curvy because they don’t really make any change to the diet. So we can accentuate the curve obviously to shape the muscle underneath it. It will shape the surface but if you don’t want to keep the curves, then you have to start eating differently. That’s the key. The eating will determine how much cushion you’re going to have.

HL: How many days a week does Rihanna or a Beyonce do your workout?

Sebastein: Whenever they’re in town, I know specifically about Rihanna, but whenever we have a celebrity in town and they want to do the workout, they’ll usually do it every day, even though that’s not what I recommend. I like to recommend to people to have the day in between because all the goodness of the workout happens in between the sessions.

HL: Rihanna, for example, when she’s preparing for a big show or something, is that when she’s doing it seven days a week?

Sebastein: Maybe not Rihanna but other people, yeah. Sometimes we’ll have people two weeks in a row because they have a nude scene.

HL: When Jen has had a nude scene, which we’ve seen, is she here two weeks in a row?

Sebastein: I haven’t seen her in a while, but yeah, there’s been moments like that, yes.

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