‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’: Chad Tepper Prepares to Permanently ‘Annoy’ Zach Holmes With New Ink

'Too Stupid To Die' stars, Chad Tepper and Zach Holmes, appear on this week's episode of 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?', and they reveal their plans to one-up each other with their designs in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

Chad Tepper and Zach Holmes are constantly playing pranks on one another on Too Stupid To Die, but on the Oct. 3 episode of How Far Is Tattoo Far?, they’ll get to take things to a WHOLE new level by designing permanent tattoos for each other! “Chad is really Hollywood,” Zach explains in the EXCLUSIVE preview above. “He dresses really nice, he auditions for movies. So tonight, I’m trying to reel him back.” Before heading into see their envisioned designs drawn up by the tattoo artists, Chad and Zach sit down with hostsNico Tortorella and Justina Valentine, to discuss their friendship.

“He acts like I don’t annoy him, but I know I do,” Chad admits. “I always yell s*** at him. So there’s no way I don’t annoy him.” Zach can’t help but agree, responding, “Sometimes he can be a little bit annoying, a little bit of a diva sometimes.” Justina then gets Zach to spill on some of the wild pranks he’s pulled on Chad. “The last time I pranked him, we were filming this stunt where we put a cactus on the treadmill and I hit him on the face,” Zach reveals. “And I took a fire extinguisher and sprayed him instead of helping him.”

Well, Chad is ready for his pay back. “Guess what, bro? I will get my revenge,” he warns Zach. “And it will be sweet!” Jordan is the tattooist who designed Chad’s tattoo for Zach, and he admits, “I’m all for a good prank, but Chad is kind of being a d*** with this one.” He shows Chad the design, and without giving it away completely, Chad explains the inspiration behind it. “In Hollywood, when you make money, you become more of a d***, and I have this phrase that he f***ing hates,” Chad says. “I always yell it and scream it — ‘Honey, you ain’t hit!’ I even made a music video about it. Zach hates it. He just hates it. I don’t know, I love annoying him.”

Meanwhile, Zach has a plan of his own for the tattoo he designed for Chad. “I’m giving him a wakeup call,” he reveals. “Chad can be a little bit of a diva sometimes, so it’s going to be a daily reminder of that.” Check out the sneak peek above and tune into How Far Is Tattoo Far? on Oct. 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET on MTV to see the finished products!

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