‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’ Preview: ‘Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Prepares To ‘Brand’ Ex Cory As An ‘MTV Slut’

Exes Cheynne Floyd and Cory Wharton appear on this week's episode of 'How Far Is Tattoo Far?', and in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, they freak each other out with hints about the ink they've designed for one another.

Teen Mom OG stars, Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton are on good terms when it comes to co-parenting their daughter, Ryder, 2, but do they trust each other enough to let the other design a permanent tattoo on their body!? They’ll have no choice on the Sept. 26 episode of How Far Is Tattoo Far! Before the show, Cory and Cheyenne came up with tattoos they wanted to ink on each other, and in this EXCLUSIVE preview, they chat with hosts, Nico Tortorella and Justina Valentine, about their relationship and what they came up with.

First, Nico and Justina grill Cheyenne about how she feels when Cory is with other women. “Great!” she exclaims, but the hosts can’t help but notice a touch of hesitation. “You have a little bit of a reputation, Cory,” Justina admits. “You banged a lot of the girls I became friends with. I’m not going to get into names.” To that, Cheyenne responds, “I could name drop them! Wanna go down the list?” This freaks Cory out, as he’s now left worrying that his tattoo will be some sort of homage to all the girls from the MTV family who he’s slept with. In a confessional, Cheyenne further hints at this idea. “I definitely love Cory for being Ryder’s dad,” she says. “But he sleeps with every girl he does a show with, and he’s known for being a player, so now we’ll see it branded on him.”

However, Justina points out, “You’re not an angel, either, [Cheyenne]. Because when you got pregnant, you didn’t know it was Cory’s at first.” This is the perfect time for Cory to get revenge on his ex, as she hints, “Maybe the tattoo involves that!” Before heading their separate ways, Cory and Cheyenne both agree that they don’t trust each other.

Finally, Cory has his meeting with the artist who designed the tattoo he envisioned for Cheyenne, and he explains there is no ill-intention behind the ink. “I found out Ryder, my daughter, was mine after six months,” he reveals. “Right way, I wanted to be a big part of her life. So, Cheyenne thinks I’m going to come at her with a revenge tattoo, but I want to give her a thank you for being such a great single mother. I know that time for her was difficult, and it means so much it her, so I want her to feel it.”

Yes, Cory is doing a nice tattoo — but Cheyenne may not be! “All I have to say about this tattoo is, Cory, you’ll be part of the MTV family for life!” the tattoo artist says. Justina also teases the tat that Cheyenne designed for her ex, saying, “You’re basically saying he’s an MTV slut. He’s branded forever.”

We’ll see what Cory and Cheyenne came up with when the next episode of How Far IS Tattoo Far? airs on Sept. 26 at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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