Nick Carter ‘So Upset’ At Having To File Restraining Order Against Aaron: But Must Protect His Family

The drama with Aaron Carter has taken quite a toll on Nick Carter. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that Nick ‘doesn’t know’ what to make of his younger brother and the whole affair has left Nick heartbroken.

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“Nick Carter is so upset and hurt over everything going on with Aaron [Carter],” a source shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife after Nick, 39, filed a restraining order against Aaron, 31, on Sept. 17 and accused his younger brother of harboring “thoughts and intentions” of killing his pregnant wife, Lauren Kitt. The whole affair has left the former Backstreet Boys member an emotional wreck, especially when it comes to Aaron. “Nick doesn’t know what to make of everything going on, and he truly doesn’t know what to believe about what’s exactly wrong with Aaron because his story keeps changing and he flip-flops all of the time.”

“It makes no sense to Nick,” the source tells HollywoodLife. Much like what Nick said when announcing the restraining order, he was left with no other choice but to file these papers. “Nick’s number one priority is his wife, their child, and their unborn child, which is why he filed a restraining order. Aaron is all over the place, and it’s really sad for Nick because that’s his brother. They haven’t talked at all in quite some time.” HollywoodLife has reached out to both Nick and Aaron for comment on this.

After all that has gone down after Nick filed the restraining order against Aaron, it’s very likely that they won’t be talking anytime soon. Nick reportedly claimed that Aaron confessed to their sister, Angel Carter, 31, that he had thoughts of “killing babies” and admitted that he was “diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar 2 years ago.”

After Nick filed the order, Aaron fired back at his brother. In a series of heated tweets, Aaron claimed that Nick filed the order because Aaron’s decision to side with the two women who accused the Backstreet Boys singer of sexual misconduct. “I know you’re mad I spoke to Melissa Schuman [the woman who accused Nick of raping her in 2002] so to retaliate you call the police to take away my legal guns, and you file a restraining order #pathetic #coverup,” Aaron tweeted. Melissa’s lawsuit against Nick was dismissed in Sept. 2018, and he has vehemently denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

In addition to that, Aaron accused his late sister, Leslie Carter, of allegedly raping him from the ages of 10 to 13 years old. “My sister Leslie suffered from bipolar and took lithium to treat it. She never liked the way it made her feel, and when she was off of it, she did things that she never meant to do; I truly believe that. I was 10 years old. I have spent the last 15 years of my life going to therapy for abuse & rape.” HollywoodLife cannot independently confirm Aaron’s claims. Leslie died in 2012 from a prescription drug overdose.

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