Kodi Lee: 5 Things To Know About The Super Talented ‘AGT’ Sensation

Singer Kodi Lee captivated 'AGT' fans around the world during the first week of auditions. Now he's back for the live shows and ready for another epic performance.

Kodi Lee wowed us all with his incredible performance during the America’s Got Talent season 14 premiere. The 23-year-old is already a frontrunner this season. The AGT live shows are starting on Aug. 13 and we’re getting closer and closer to the finale. So, who is Kodi Lee? These are the key facts you need to know about this amazing singer.

1. Kodi is a blind and autistic musical prodigious savant. He was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, according to his official website. Optic nerve hypoplasia is a visual disorder that causes blindness and visual impairment in young children. He also had life-saving surgery at 5 days old. When he was 4 years old, Kodi was diagnosed with autism. Kodi is one of only approximately 25 people in the world who possess the incredible abilities of a musical prodigious savant.

2. He earned the very first Golden Buzzer of season 14. Kodi was the final act to grace the stage during the season 14 premiere. He walked out on stage with his mother, Tina. He performed a beautiful rendition of Leon Russell’s “A Song For You.” His voice was absolutely stunning and he played the piano as well. All of the judges were so moved by Kodi’s performance and Gabrielle Union gave him her Golden Buzzer.

3. His musical abilities are truly astounding. “He can hear a song and play it right away on the piano and sing it,” Tina told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “With the lyrics, sometimes he has to go over it more, but the music is there. It’s amazing.” He can also quickly recite songs sung in different languages.

4. He’s in a band. The band is called Kodi Lee & the Midnight Satellites. He’s performed at a number of events with the band in the past year.

5. Playing music has saved his life. “Through music and performing, he was able to withstand living in this world because when you’re autistic it’s really hard to do what everybody else does,” his mom said before his AGT audition. “It actually has saved his life, playing music.”

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