‘AGT’: Kodi Lee’s Mom Reveal That He’s Written Original Music — ‘Hopefully You’ll See That Soon’

Kodi Lee is an 'AGT' season 14 finalist and he's ready to bring it in the finale. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kodi and his mom about original music, what happens after the finale, and more.

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Kodi Lee, 23, will be performing the first night of the America’s Got Talent season 14 finale on Sept. 17. The singer, who is blind and autistic, has been a frontrunner ever since he stepped on stage during the auditions and earned Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Kodi and his mom, Tina, ahead of the finale and asked about original music. Turns out, Kodi has written original music! “Hopefully you will see that soon, I hope so!” Tina told HollywoodLife. Kodi added, “Oh my gosh, yes!”

By the end of the season 14 finale, which will air Sept. 18, one act will be crowned the AGT champion. No matter what happens, Kodi is going to be overjoyed by the experience. “He is going to go back to what he does and him walking away, either way, is not going to matter to him,” Tina continued. “He is going to be clapping for anyone — himself or anyone. He is going to be ecstatic because the part of winning and losing isn’t really something that matters to him, what matters to him is the people and the relationships and the conversations that I have noticed about him.”

Kodi has an incredible voice and has played the piano in each of his performances so far. However, that’s not all he can do. “He can drum and play harmonica and he can play the guitar laying down. He can really play any of those,” Tina told HollywoodLife in a previous interview.

His past performances have been some of the best AGT has ever seen. His audition alone has over 45 million views and counting. But will he be crowned the new America’s Got Talent champion? You’ll have to tune in to the second night of the AGT season 14 finale, which airs Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. on NBC.