Amber Heard ‘Disgusted’ Over Johnny Depp’s Alleged Claim She Pooped In Their Bed

How would you feel if your ex accused you of pooping in his bed? If you’re Amber Heard – and every other normal person – mortified, obviously! So, after being trolled on social media, will she quit Instagram over it?

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Amber Heard reacts Johnny Depp poop
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The poop has well and truly hit the fan! Less than a day after a U.K. tabloid claimed that Johnny Depp, 55, allegedly accused his ex Amber Heard of leaving doo-doo in their bed, the actress is reeling from the gossip. The 32-year-old is said to be “disgusted” by the story, which ran in the Daily Mirror on Aug. 15. According to the claims, Johnny allegedly accused his then wife Amber of deliberately leaving human poop in their bed to spite him for being late to her 30th birthday party in April 2016. Slamming the report, her rep told the newspaper that the blonde’s dog, Boo, who has “serious bowel control issues,” was the culprit. Now we’re learning exactly what the actress feels about the whole mess.

“Amber is just disgusted that Johnny would leak this stupid story to the press,” a source close to the star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife, while alleging that the actor was the source of the gossip. “It’s clear that he’s incapable of moving on even though they’ve settled their divorce and she wants nothing more to do with him. Johnny is clearly still trying to humiliate and embarrass Amber, but she’s over playing his games. Their marriage turned really toxic, and it’s a time of her life that Amber wants to just put behind her for good. She wishes that Johnny would have the good grace to do the same.”

The person adds, “Amber vehemently denies pooping in their bed, even the idea of her doing that is utterly insane. It’s just not something she would ever do. Johnny has been obsessed with the fact that it was Amber, ever since the incident happened, and he would never listen to reason, or believe Amber when she swore it wasn’t her.”

As fans of the Pirates Of the Caribbean star know, Amber and Johnny married in 2015, but divorced two years later after she publicly accused him of physically assaulting her – an allegation he denied. He clearly still has many loyal supporters out there, because – soon after the Mirror’s poo-gate story was published – Amber’s Instagram page was embarrassingly flooded with poop emojis. But will the reaction prompt her to delete her account?

Another insider tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, Amber is so upset over the claims she pooped in Johnny’s bed that she even considered quitting social media over it. She’s seen the comments and emojis and they are very hurtful and since she is a very emotional person she is taking these attacks very hard.” The person adds, “It really is throwing her emotions in a tailspin. She hates it but the only thing she can do is ride it out and hopefully for her benefit it will stop in the next few days.” What a mess!