Sunny Ozell: 5 Things To Know About Patrick Stewart’s New Wife

'Star Trek' star Patrick Stewart officially wed his long-time girlfriend, Sunny Ozell over the weekend! Tweeting a photo of he and his new bride, he captioned it "Yes, married." So, who exactly is the lucky lady? Patrick Stewart, 73 is officially off the market! In a service officiated by Sir Ian McKellan, Patrick tied the knot with Sunny Orzell.

Sunny Ozell Patrick Stewart
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Sunny Ozell: Get To Know Patrick Stewart’s Wife

1. She’s 35 Years Old. Yes, you read that right. Patrick is 38 years older than Sunny!

2. Sunny met Patrick in 2008 when he was at the Brooklyn Academy of Music starring in Macbeth. They were seen together in May and have been officially together since 2009.

3. Sunny is a songwriter and singer from Brooklyn, NY. She performs frequently at Rockwood and the Living Room in the Lower East Side, according to She has collaborated with some of the greatest including Jim CampilongoAdam Levy of Norah Jones’ band, and Krystal Warren.

4. Sunny grew up in Reno, Nevada!

5. She used to be a waitress at Franny’s restaurant — where she waited on her now-husband. In an interview with GrubStreet, she was asked if he was a good tipper and she laughed, answering, “He’s English, that’s all I’ll say. We had to have a little education and come to Jesus about that.”

Patrick Stewart Marries Sunny Ozell

Sir Ian was excited to officiate the wedding. After, he posted a photo on Facebook showing his “Doctor of Divinity” license and a “Minister” t-shirt. The caption read, “I did my part.”

Additionally, Patrick confirmed the news on Twitter as well posting a cute photo of he and Sunny fully emerged, only showing their heads, in a pit of colorful balls! So cute!

— Emily Longeretta

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