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Bethenny Frankel Says Spinning Classes Make You Fat! Really??

Fri, February 25, 2011 5:02pm EDT by 5 Comments
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Shockingly, the experts agree with her! Should you stop spinning?

It makes sense that exercising too much might make you so hungry that you end up eating all the calories you just worked off! Bethenny Frankel claims you might even be adding more! Do you think this is true? We asked the experts.

Warning all spinners! Bethenny, who tells UsWeekly spinning classes have a reverse effect if you’re trying to lose weight. She says after a heavy spinning class, women are super hungry: “They eat too much. Tomorrow, they have to spin to get off what they ate, and then that becomes another craziness.”

Dr. Carson Liu, a Los Angeles surgeon who performs lap-band operations, says Bethenny isn’t wrong.

“Spinning classes are a great cardio workout for the heart,” he told “However the problem for many cardio-burn exercises such as spinning is that an estimated one hour of cardio burns approximately 300 calories. High-level workouts will leave a person hungry and thirsty. And they will most likely lose any gain they have made — because they will be hungry and need to eat.’

Dr. Liu suggests that the best exercise for losing weight is about five minutes of cardio and 1/2 hour of slow weight- or resistance-training to tone, repair and build muscle.  He thinks classes like spinning may get you off the couch — but the best way to lose weight is to follow a consistent routine.

But cardiologist Dr. Neica Goldberg –a spinner herself — says Bethenny is way off base in saying spinning makes you fat. You have to eat right to get slimmer.

‘This happens in people who calorie restrict to a point where they are in negative balance,” she says. “An average spinning class can burn as much as 500 calories. Don’t starve yourself before spinning or other vigorous activities. You should eat a 200- to 300-calorie snack of complex carbohydrates and some protein one hour before the class.’

Dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot, author of “The F-Factor Diet,” agrees that diet is the key. We may not get the results we want because we don’t eat properly after working out.

“‘Exercise actually stimulates appetite; so many people consume more on the days they work out.’ she says. “In addition, many people feel a sense of entitlement post-workout to eat more.  This may lead to consuming more calories then they actually burned.”

Celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler agrees that diet is the real factor in losing weight.  “Watch what kind of calories you consume after your workout. The key is to make sure you eat but eat what is right.”

Kathy suggests low-cal protein products like “Fage nonfat yogurt, Nutrimeal shakes from USANA and lots of high-fiber, water-loaded veggies.”

What do we think, HollywoodLifers? Can spinning make you fat? Or do you think it takes more than exercise to get you to the weight you want? Take our poll!

— Amanda Chen