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Flu Pregnant Miscarriage

Pregnant Women With Flu Twice As Likely To Suffer Miscarriage — Study

4 years ago 0
A new medical study confirms that flu vaccines are safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies, but catching the flu while pregnant leads to a… Read Article ▶
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Baby Cry Night Study

Babies Should Be Left To Cry Through The Night, Experts Say

4 years ago 20
According to a new study, parents should let their babies cry it out in their cribs at night instead of going in and comforting them! Do YOU think… Read Article ▶
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Overweight Children Life Expectancy

Overweight Kids Have Shorter Life Spans Than Their Parents

5 years ago 2
Listen up, parents! For the first time in history, children are expected to die sooner than their parents, thanks to obesity-related deaths. Are YOU… Read Article ▶
kids allowance

How Much Should You Be Giving Your Kids In Allowance?

5 years ago 2
The next generation of kids will have more financial stress than their parents or grandparents, so it's important for children to learn the value of… Read Article ▶
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Pregnant formula science

Formula Predicts Woman’s Chance Of Getting Pregnant — New Study

5 years ago 8
Scientists have finally developed a concrete mathematical formula to help women who are trying to start a family. Experts have getting pregnant down… Read Article ▶
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baby boy DNA brain

Why Having A Baby Boy Changes Your Brain — New Study

5 years ago 9
Having a baby boy may lead to male DNA lingering in the mother's brain, says a new study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle… Read Article ▶

2,500 Babies Are Dying Of SIDS Each Year

5 years ago 1
Thousands of babies are still dying of SIDS even after the initiative was made to have children sleep on their backs. A new report explains the… Read Article ▶

Rising Number Of Parents Regret Their Baby's Name — Do You?

5 years ago 4
Does Ashlee Simpson regret naming her son Bronx? What about other celebs with unusual baby names? The number of parents who regret their baby-name… Read Article ▶

Attention Pregnant Mothers: Using Cellphones Could Harm Your Unborn Babies

5 years ago 4
Expecting mothers, put down your cellphones! A new study shows exposing unborn babies to cellphones might cause behavior problems later in life. A… Read Article ▶

The 3 Dangerous Staircase Flaws Every Parent Should Know About, Researchers Say

5 years ago 0
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy A new study reveals every six minutes a child falls down the stairs and… Read Article ▶
Words Toddlers Know

The 25 Words Every 2-Year-Old Should Know, Researchers Say

5 years ago 14
Researchers have identified the 25 words that every 2-year-old should be saying — and say a child's inability to do so can reveal developmental… Read Article ▶
Baby Bonding Study

Baby Bonding: How The First 18 Months Can Shape Your Love Life

5 years ago 0
A new study says a baby's relationship with his or her mother during the first 18 months affects behavior in future romances! HollyMoms — a study… Read Article ▶

Babies Know When You're Lying — New Report

5 years ago 0
Don't even try and pull a fast one on your baby! A new study says they can recognize liars and cheats! Your baby is on to you, you sneaky mom! A… Read Article ▶

Children Who Are Cuddled Are Less Likely To Do Drugs — New Study

5 years ago 0
HollyMoms — don't worry about spoiling your babies, they need all the love and affection they can get! Scientists might have found a way for mothers… Read Article ▶

What Your Child's Temper Tantrum Means — New Study

5 years ago 3
A new study might have the answers to stopping kids' temper tantrums! Just imagine a world with less screaming, kicking and crying! New research… Read Article ▶
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