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Justin Ross Harris Wife

Justin Ross Harris’ Wife Speaks Out For 1st Time: I’m Living A ‘Nightmare’

9 months ago 17
As her husband Justin Ross Harris sits in a jail cell for allegedly killing their 22-month-old son Cooper, Leanna Harris has kept silent outside of… Read Article ▶
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Leanna Harris Postpartum

Leanna Harris: Suffering From Postpartum? — Experts Weigh In

9 months ago 12
Now that Leanna Harris' bizarre behavior after the death of her toddler son has made headlines, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to multiple… Read Article ▶
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Justin Ross Harris Twitter

Justin Ross Harris’ Shocking Tweets About Dead Son, Flirts With Girls

9 months ago 8
The Twitter account of Justin Ross Harris has been discovered, and it contains disturbing tweets about wishing to silence his son. Even worse, some… Read Article ▶
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Justin Ross Harris Life Insurance

Justin Ross Harris Asked Family To Claim Son’s $27k Life Insurance Policy

9 months ago 5
More shocking new details in the case against Justin Ross Harris. A new search warrant issued by police claims the alleged murderer has been more… Read Article ▶
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Justin Ross Harris Wife

Justin Ross Harris’ Wife Under Investigation After Suspicious Behavior

9 months ago 9
Could Leanna Harris have also been involved in the tragic death of her son, Cooper? Growing suspicions about Justin Ross Harris' wife and her odd… Read Article ▶
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Cooper Harris Death Struggle Justin Ross Harris

Cooper Harris: Toddler ‘Struggled To Escape’ As He Was Left Dying By Father In Hot Car

9 months ago 22
The story of 22-month old Cooper Harris' death continues to get more and more heartbreaking as new details from the investigation come to light. The… Read Article ▶
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Justin Ross Harris Bond

Justin Ross Harris Denied Bond: Judge Finds Probable Reason For Murder

9 months ago 33
Justin Ross Harris, the father accused of purposely leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car to die, has just been denied bond at his trial… Read Article ▶
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Cooper Harris Mom

Cooper Harris’ Mom Questioned After Shocking Confession About Son’s Death

9 months ago 11
Shocking new details have led police to question Leanna Harris, the mother of Cooper, the Georgia toddler who was left to die in the blistering heat… Read Article ▶
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