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Also Known As: The Irish Curse, The Celtic Warrior, The Great White

Sheamus Celebrity Profile

Date of Birth: January 28, 1978
Height: 6'4"
Hometown: Clonsilla, Dublin, Ireland
Best Quotes:

Are you not aware that my profession involves beating the living hell out of some poor-unfortunate wearing nothing more than a pair of green lycra knicks? I'm practically naked each time I step in the ring.

What's your problem, fella?

Whom would you like to put throught a table next? The entire cast of New Moon. They're trying to portray vampires, but they look like a bunch of sissy models.

Sheamus O’Shaunessy (born Stephen Farrelly in Clonsilla, Dublin, Ireland on January 28, 1978) is an Irish professional wrestler. Despite his Irish roots, Sheamus is signed to American wrestling promotion WWE and has achieved high acclaim in his career as he holds the Heavyweight champion title. He didn’t begin his wrestling career until 2002, when he began training in New Jersey wrestling school The Monster Factory. After suffering a neck injury early on, Sheamus couldn’t compete or train for two years. But in 2004, he picked up where he left off in training, this time at the Irish Whip Wrestling school in Dublin. He quickly saw success and officially joined the WWE roster in 2009. Since then, he has been world champion in WWE four times, holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times. He is also a two-time United States Champion and has won the World Heavyweight Championship once, among several other titles.

Best Known For:
Sheamus is best known for being a champion wrestler, as he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for three years running.

Personal Life:
After reportedly being linked to a woman named Brooke Hubbard in 2013, Sheamus’ love life has mainly stayed out of the spotlight. Although not much is known about Sheamus’ family, his Irish roots are important to him, as he fights under the symbol of The Crossos, a combination of the traditional Celtic cross and a Celtic war sword.