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Jim Sturgess

Jim Sturgess

Date of Birth: May 16, 1978
Height: 6'0"
Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom
In a Relationship With:
Mickey O'Brien
Best Quotes:

[on River Phoenix] I would love to see what kind of choices he would be making now if he was still around, some of the characters that he would have played. I mean, to me he was like a rock star, you know, he had it all: he had the looks, he had a great name, he had an attitude, an energy, an excitement about him. He was instinctively like a, he was a rebel, you know? He was kind of Bob Dylan to me, at times, and he had a lot to say. And I've never seen too many interviews by him, but the ones that I saw were pretty electric, pretty... he was switched on, definitely.

Actually, I feel like [the film that I've just seen] every time I come out of the cinema. If that film's about being a hippie, then I'm like, "That's it, I'm gonna grow my own vegetables."

British actors come at acting from a slightly different angle. Because a lot of the films are cast out there, they are so used to the angle from which the Americans, and certainly the young guys from LA, are coming at it, that I think it's interesting for them to find these English actors who maybe approach acting from a different place.

Jim Sturgess (born James Anthony S. Sturgess on May 16, 1978) is an English actor and singer-songwriter. Jim has been acting in feature films since 1994, but his breakthrough role came in 2007 in Across The Universe. He will soon star in The Big Shoe with Kristen Stewart. Jim has also been writing and recording his own music since he was 15.

Best Known For:
Jim Sturgess is best known for his role in Across The Universe.

Personal Life:
Jim has been dating La Roux keyboardist, Mickey O’Brien, for nine years.