Christie Brinkley Reveals She Was ‘In The Worst Shape Of Her Life’ & ‘Couldn’t Exercise’ After ‘DWTS’ Injury

Christie Brinkley opened up to HL about how her 'DWTS' injury didn't allow her to exercise.

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Christie Brinkley, 67, is always radiating positivity with her famous smile and encouraging Instagram posts. The supermodel is never afraid to show off her legs for days in mini dresses and flat tummy in bikinis! However,  on the HollywoodLife Podcast, Christie opened up about the difficulties she faced working out and staying in shape following her terrible wrist and arm injuries on Dancing With The Stars, which required surgery. “I went through a phase right before I did my hip, where I was in probably the worst shape of my life,” she admitted. “After I broke my arm doing Dancing with the Stars, I never got my hand back properly… And when I fell, that pushed my shoulder out, but that was never addressed. So I faced for the first time in my life… I was like, ‘how do I exercise?'”

Christie continued, “My hip hurt. My left knee hurt. I was told I needed laparoscopic surgery on my left knee. I already had laparoscopic surgery on my left knee… for the first time in my life, I was I didn’t know what can to do.” The Bellissima wine founder relied on her Total Gym to help her rehab her injuries safely and continues to use it, while adding in some safe cardio in, as well. “I’ll go do a class a spinning class — I think that’s great cardio and a great way to really rev up your system, and biking is okay for people with hip issues,” she explained. “I think that’s how you get old — when you get injured and you give up and give in, instead of fighting back and saying, ‘Nope, unacceptable. I’m going to find my way around this, and I’m just going to get better period.”

Christie really does look amazing after her physical ailments, and she can also credit skincare brand SBLA and their incredible, age-defying facial wands. “I discovered these because of the pandemic when I was obviously tucked away and not going to dermatologist and being stressed out and wearing my mask and watching the news and getting really worried-looking and being really worried!” Christie dished on her latest skincare secret. On a Zoom with some friends, she was introduced to beauty industry icon Randi Shinder’s SBLA brand, which has a mission to offer anti-aging solutions that are alternatives to in-office procedures with scientific-based topical applications.


In 2018, SBLA launched their Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wand to firm, lift, support and define the entire neck area & face, and then partnered with Christie in Feb. 2021, who is a huge fan of the products. “I was literally editing pictures on my phone one day, and I bumped something that turned the screen around at me instead of away from me, and I had on my glasses because I was looking at the pictures, and I literally went, ‘Oh my god, what is that?!’ at all of my lines,” Christie admitted. “Using SBLA has really diminished them.”

The Neck, Chin & Jawline Sculpting Wands hold a serum that is “in a wand is because there’s an antimicrobial airtight ball that rolls around and applies it to your face… And because it’s airtight, you get the active ingredients at their most potent form every time you apply.” she explained. Better yet, the product is fragrance free, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and 100% vegan. Get your own here!