5 Furry Bucket Hats That Look Just Like Hailey Baldwin’s But Are 1/2 The Price

Hailey Baldwin was spotted rocking a fashion-forward furry bucket hat in Paris. We've found the best furry bucket hats to help you look just as cosmopolitan as the supermodel, too!

Hailey Baldwin
Image Credit: AbacaPress/SplashNews

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The ’90s are calling, because fuzzy hats are experiencing a renaissance in fashion. There’s one hat in particular that has been spotted on numerous celebrities’ and fashion influencers’ heads: the iconic furry bucket hat. Hailey Baldwin, 24, was spotted wearing a mustard yellow one to coordinate with her yellow leather pantsuit from Stand Studio for a stroll in France’s capital of Paris with husband Justin Bieber, 27, on Feb. 28. We’ve found the best furry bucket hats online that are one-half the price of their designer counterparts so that you too can keep your head fashionably warm, like Hailey.

Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin sports a fuzzy yellow bucket hat while holding hands with Justin Bieber for a walk in Paris, France on Feb. 28, 2021. [ABACAPRESS.COM]

1. Mustard Yellow Bucket Hat (A Near-Replica Of Hailey’s)

Here’s a near-identical furry bucket hat to the one Hailey is wearing above! The yellow on this hat is a shade darker but still falls into the family of mustard colors. This hat from Starinee’s Amazon store has a flared-out brim as well, just like the super model’s, and is available in black, white, grey, khaki and pink (if you want to grab an extra hat). Here’s the cherry on top: this fuzzy hat is currently six percent off! $15, Amazon.com

yellow furry bucket hat

2. Flower Power Bucket Hat

Here’s another yellow fuzzy bucket hat, with a twist: it has flowers! We know, we know: florals in spring? Groundbreaking, as they say. But this isn’t your ordinary flower print. The black and purple flowers are fashion-forward thanks to their whimsical design that you could imagine seeing on the pages of an illustrated storybook. Nostalgic vibes have been a huge trend in Gen-Z fashion, so you’ll be at the forefront of Spring 2021 trends in this adorable bucket hat! $14, Amazon.com

flower furry bucket hat

3. White Bucket Hat

A classic white furry bucket hat should be a staple in your wardrobe. Whether you pair it with a puffer jacket or an oversized tee, it complements just about anything! This hat is made from FAUX fur and polyester, too (please don’t wear animals). If this is a little too plain for your tastes, however, OCTEEN also offers fun prints like brown cow spots and leopard on its furry bucket hats. $14, amazon.com

furry white bucket hat

4. Plaid Bucket Hat

You’ll feel like you’re strolling down the cobblestone streets of Paris, just like Hailey, in this chic plaid furry bucket hat. The brown and steel blue plaid colors on beige fur adds a sophisticated touch to the funky bucket hat design. Just like all the other bucket hats on this list, this design comes in many more prints: our favorite is the black and blue zebra print hat, if you’re feeling extra daring. $15, Amazon.com

plaid furry bucket hat


5. Extra-Large Black Bucket Hat

Hailey’s furry bucket has an extra-wide brim. If you’d like to replicate that particular feature of the model’s hat, here’s a cheaper alternative! The brim on this faux fur bucket hat flares out as well and sits a bit wider on the head (just like Hailey’s headwear) with a girth of 56-58cm/ 22-22.8″. $16, Amazon.com

black furry bucket hat


6. Graphic Print Bucket Hat

While this furry bucket hat may look nothing like Hailey’s, it would fit right in with her edgy streetwear style. Hailey loves bold statement pieces (whether that be a V-cut suit or thigh-high white boots), and we could envision this graphic print numbers hat pairing seamlessly with any of her boss babe outfits. This hat is also labeled as an “Amazon’s Choice” product. $13, Amazon.com 

furry bucket hat

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