Get The Smoothest, Closest Shave With the Best Safety Razors

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The key to a successful and meticulous shave may be to go old school and revisit the decades-old safety razor. The main benefit to using a safety razor is having only one blade against your skin at any time which might be able to reduce skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that may be more common with cartridge-type razors.

Below are some of our favorite safety razors of 2022 for both men and women that can help perfect a bad shaving technique. These razors can possibly work for every face and beard type and may even produce the smoothest shave.

These options are all made with durable materials and have varying handle sizes for comfort, a better grip, and easier maneuverability. Additionally, the handles on these razors are smart and sleek-looking which only makes for a more pleasant shaving experience.

Comparing the Finest Safety Razor of 2022

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor  —  Best Overall

This double-edged safety razor offers a very close, comfortable shave and has a blade angle perfectly suited for both new and experienced wet shavers. The highly polished, chrome-plated, and solid brass tubular handle is well balanced and has a sturdy weight and feel for a satisfying close shave.


  • This safety razor includes a five-pack of replacement blades


  • This does not come with a travel/safety case

VIKINGS BLADE Safety Razor  —  Quickest Blade Change

This safety razor is made of heavy-duty materials and is extra coated with shiny chrome that is really in a class of its own. This razor is 20% heavier and more balanced than many conventional safety razors and has a unique weight distribution that may make short strokes effortless. It also has a quick and convenient five-second blade change.


  • A bonus luxury case with a mirror and pack of steel blades are included


  • This razor may be shorter in length than other options

Weishi Safety Razor  —  Best Hand-Crafted

This long-handled safety razor has a smooth butterfly open for a simple, quick, and safe blade replacement. Meticulously made by skilled craftsmen, this hand-crafted razor has a strong grip that feels good in the hand and a durable weight makes for the ideal shave every single time.


  • This razor comes with 5 stainless steel blade replacements


  • There may be a slight learning curve when first starting out with this type of razor

Merkur Double Edge Razor  —  Best Grip

This safety razor features a short, extra-thick, and built-for-comfort handle with a non-slip grip. It is mainly known for its heavy head which uses its weight to deliver a close and comfortable shave and uses double-edged blades that are readily available. The razor itself is durable and precise and you may see one of the closest shaves without the possible irritation of multiple blades.


  • This razor uses all standard double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave


  • This razor does not include guides to ensure the blade is perfectly aligned

Zomchi Double Edge Safety Razor  —  Most Precision

Specially designed for women, this safety razor is as stylish as it is effective. This is a double edge razor that is nicely balanced with a simple mechanical design that makes loading and unloading the razor fast and easy. Designed to achieve the closest and cleanest shave possible, this razor also has a textured and comfortable grip for a shaving experience with excellent control and precision.


  • This razor comes with five extra double-edged blades


  • This does not come with a protective case

Shaving Revolution Safety Razor  —  Editor's Pick

Made with the highest quality materials, this double edge razor may provide a smooth and close shave, while possibly leaving the skin without any irritation while being strong and long-lasting. It also has a long handle that produces a better grip and makes it easier to maneuver for the ideal, close shave.


  • The shiny gunmetal finish will make this razor stand out in any bathroom or vanity area


  • It is recommended to change the blade every day to avoid getting nicked

Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor  —  Best Eco-Friendly

For a more eco-friendly shaving experience, this safety razor has a 100% bamboo handle, and its stainless steel parts make it strong and durable. This razor has a heftier, ideal weight, and ergonomic shape with a longer handle for a smooth, clean shave while possibly preventing irritation or razor burn while its single blade option results in a closer shave.


  • This razor comes with an in-depth digital user manual


  • If you prefer a lighter weight razor, another option might be better

Buyers Guide: Choosing a Premium Safety Razor

What to Keep In Mind When Buying a Safety Razor

No one wants a safety razor that will leave them with nicks all over their face or legs. Here are some factors you should consider when buying a safety razor for shaving.


You may think that a lightweight razor will give you a better shave, but that is far from the truth. Sure, a lighter safety razor is easier to carry around while traveling. But when it comes to shaving, a heavier razor will give you a more steady hand.

A lightweight razor is most likely to give you cuts, and they are also not very durable. You don’t have to apply too much pressure when it comes to a heavier razor.

Blade type

There's a wide variety of razors available on the market. The standard safety razor usually has 3 to 4 mild blades and is easy to use, even on a daily basis. But if you’re someone with a thick beard, you can always choose a safety razor with a much more aggressive blade.

The type of safety razor you choose could also depend on the type of skin you have. People with sensitive skin could opt for a mild blade as well. Mild blades also work well for people with thinner hair or slower growth. Make sure you’re careful with the type of blade you choose. Choosing an aggressive blade when you’re a beginner is never a good idea.

Head type

Safety razors for shaving also have different types of shaving heads. Some razors have removable heads so that you can change your blades after some time. Standard disposable safety razors usually have a straight bar-shaped head.

These types of razors have mild blades and usually have a soap strip attached as well. This type of safety razor works well for people with thinner hair or for a fast and easy shave. Another type of safety razor head that you can pick is the scalloped head.

This safety razor head has a little bit more blade exposed than a straight bar-shaped head. But if you want a much more precise shape, you can also pick a safety razor with a slanted head since they cut your hair at an angle.


The handle of your safety razor is as important as the blades. The length of the handle doesn’t really affect a safety razor’s ability to shave. However, your comfort matters, and some people feel more comfortable using a safety razor with a longer handle. Another important factor is the texture of the handle. Textured handles can keep your hands from slipping when you’re shaving.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Shave

Let’s be honest; shaving can often be a challenging task. You spend a lot of time shaving in every direction just to find out that you’ve missed a couple of hairs. Or you find that your face or legs feel rough rather than silky smooth.

If you’re looking for the perfect shave, the first thing to remember is that you should never shave dry. Shaving dry can lead to razor bumps and can even give you cuts. For a smoother shave, it’s always best to exfoliate beforehand since this softens the hair.

Try to use shaving cream and always shave in the direction your hair grows in. Once you’re done shaving, make sure to close your pores with cold water, and you’ll be guaranteed a smooth, satisfying shave.

Cleaning the Safety Razor After Shaving – All You Need to Know

After you are done shaving, you may notice hair trapped underneath your safety razor blades. You don’t have to pick this hair out since there’s an easier way to clean your safety razors. One method is to rinse your razor blades with water and then use a towel to wipe away any excess hair. Another way to remove hair from your razor is by dipping it in coconut oil. This loosens and removes any stray hair that may be caught in the blades.